My Pride and Joy--The Illadelph All Clean and Shiny

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  1. So I'm heading back to school soon, and I just did a huge cleaning of my favorite glass piece--the Illadelph with Coil Condenser. Here's a run down of what is pictured:

    • 7mm Beaker Bottom with Double Thick Joint (bottom half is blue glass)

    • Frosted Ash-Catcher with Splash Guard and Diffused Downstem

    • Coil Condenser--Basically where the normal tube would be there is a blue hollow coil of glass, where the smoke passes through, encased in 9mm thick clear class. Then the negative space is filled with glycerin. Having a lower freezing point than water, this allows the glycerin section to lift out (see the joint) and be put in the freezer. Then the glycerin cools the inside of the coil, which in turn cools the smoke. This allows the smoke to be cooled to freezing temperatures without adding frost like normal ice cubes (which is not so good for your lungs).

    • Stock Clear Slide

    • Illadelph Large Swirl "Party Bowl" Slide
    • Illadelph Wand Set--This consists of a slide with no bottom hole. Instead it has 3 holes on the sides where the smoke gets drawn through. This design is used with an Illadelph glass wand, which you heat with a torch, and then touch to your bud, eliminating the inhaling of butane.
    • Stock, Now Replacement, Downstem (in case anything awful happens to the ash-catcher)
    I hope you enjoy it. Maybe milk shots when I'm at school. Right now it is all packed up safely in boxes and bubble wrap inside it's case. Love it, hate it, let me know what you think. I'll be checking up every now and then to respond to replies.

    So without further ado, here is my baby. :bongin:

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  2. Thats soo sick man. :hello:
  3. damn ive never seena glycerin tube like that before!
  4. I've heard of running glycerin in tubes, but I've yet to see one. Seems nice.
  5. Rep for the concentrates bowl. I cant wait to try one, all I hear are raves about them. Have fun with that beautiful thing!
  6. wats wrong OP lactose intolerant? :p
  7. thats a sick bong and the coil is cool i've never seen one of those
  8. that thing looks amazing man. I hate to be a tool, but how much did that run you? I just wanna know the ballpark for some glass like that, in case i decide to invest in one in the future.
  9. Here's the rundown:

    Coil, beaker, diffused downstem and normal bowl: $850
    Ash-catcher: $160
    Wand/Concentrates Bowl: $90
    Swirl Bowl: $30

    So the sticker price came out to be about $1130, but with a 30% loyal customer discount... it came out to be just under $800 for the whole set.. not awful, but still expensive.

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone, helps me justify dropping that much cash on it haha.. I wish I could pack a massive bowl and pass it all around GC, but sadly I can't.

  10. Let me get Tuesdays on that ;)
  11. sick glass bro, never seen anything like that before.
  12. haha i hate that shit so much.
  13. So it always stays cold right? Like cold as shit? +rep
  14. Thanks, as long as you keep it nice and protected in the freezer you can pop it out anytime and have ice cold hits. :cool:
  15. Love that no bottom hole bowl.
  16. man thats sick as hell, ive never seen this before. id like to try it!
  17. It really helps conserve a bit of your bud too. It seem if you light it with the wand, and with no pull through possible on the bottom, your bowls last a decent amount longer. Definitely a good investment.
  18. The reason your hits are going so fast is that you aren't carbing the bowl. Ground glass joints are very efficient, but if you want to properly carb your bowl you have to do it right.

    How does the OP carb this bong? (I.e, which joint do you pull)?
  19. gives me a chubby......phenomenal piece. Hows she hit? (prolly a dumb question)

  20. i've got a similar illadelph bowl. but mine is just normal lookin, and had has the small holes punched in it. helps keep my piece a lot cleaner than usual since no ash can really fall in. totally love those bowls

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