My preps. and recipes....good or bad?

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    This is my first post here and its just to share my preparations and recipes to see what you random strangers think of them. These are the techniques I have been using as of lately and they seem to have very promising results. I apologize if if im breaking any rules or posting in the wrong spot. And by no means do i consider myself a "professional" and do not condone using my techniques without proper research before hand.
    I was recently gifted several ounces of nice trim and small bud for the purpose of processing it all into qwiso oil, my cheating form of bubble hash, and what seems to be some very potent cannabis alcohol. And my goal is to waste as little as possible. So heres the short version...i can go into detail if anyone has questions later.
    Step 1: Freeze all trim/bud and a few bottles of 91-99% iso for several hours to a few days.
    Step 2: I use a 3 layer grinder and grind up some frozen material gently without shaking. (My goal here is to get the material slightly grounded and to collect a small amount of keif that isn't full of plant material. [SIZE=14.4444446563721px](You want to save your good kief for later!) [/SIZE]
    Step 3: Do a 10 second quick wash  with my ice cold iso and lightly ground material (not the kief). I use atleast 4 coffee filters...(I keep my filters and all the trim/bud i just quick washed for a later purpose)
    Step 4: Allow your iso solution to fully evaporate along with you filters full of iso washed material(make sure its bone dry!)
    Step 5: Scrape up your oil into 2 blobs...(I purge and whip em both a few times and end up with dark amber oil blobs. )
    Cheating time-some of you may not like these steps and i would love to hear your advice more than anything...without all the rude snippy (your a dumbass) comments tho... :blink:
    Step 6: take blob number 1 or number 2...(keep the best blob for dabs!) apply heat with lighter making it gently bubble and melt now add that baddass keif from before slowly whipping in little bits maybe reapply some heat if the oil start to harden due to cool temps and continue to mix the oil and keif untill its extremly hard to mix and very consitant..(dont apply to much heat after you start mixing or your final product will not bubble and melt during smoking)..Now you have oil and kief mixed scrape it up it should be very easy to handle ever so slightly sticky. Mold it into any shape...stamp it..etc. it reminds me of bubble hash...amazing melt/bubble and amazing taste (thanks to the badass overpowers the strange hash oil taste.
    Step 7: Take all your dried coffee filters and chop em up into a sauce pan and add in all the bud/trim that you used to make your oil(make sure there is no iso left in the material or filters tho!) And now pour in enough of your favorite alcohol to coverall the material and then a few extra shots for good measure. (i used captian morgan 70proof for this run and some 100 proof whiskey on a later seperate run)
    Step 8: Slowly heat the mixture just untill it starts to slightly bubble or just get it really hot but don't boil it. 
    Step 9: remove from heat and stir and stir and stir....let it cool slightly then dump everything (the entire mixture!) into appropiate sized mason jar with a good lid.
    Step 10: Shake like hell....and then some more for idk how store it in a cool dark place for a while shaking whenever you remember. Strain and enjoy...carefully!
    And well thats about all...i kinda re-use everything....The hash oil turns out nice dark amber with a fair taste if ur use to oil/kief wich i call cheating bubble hash is awsome! And the alcohol seems to be extremly potent....I take a test shot right after my mixture cools of with minimum shaking and it hits hard...but if you let it sit and let the alcohol sync with all the oils from the filters and iso washed bud it does get pretty crazy fair warning...its hard for me to get really high but this stuff is a reall attention grabber.
    Thank you for your time and please here to share and learn....
    (almost forgot...unfortunantly i did not wiegh any of my final products but the yield and potency was well worth it as the indica dominant strain i was working with was very melow in bud form.)


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