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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Mar 15, 2004.

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  1. Ok.. Now I don\'t know if it\'s already been made, but I don\'t think so. I don\'t think the technology is there yet. I\'m talking about wireless video cellphones. I predict within the next 2-5 years, somebodies gonna market them.

    And that got me to thinking. I know there would be a number of people that would go for them for various reasons. But just how popular could they be. Could that be the start of the end of all traditional phones? It would definitely be good for safety reasons, if someone were lost, hey could just call someone up and point th phone around, and ask, now where the fuck am I??? I could just see some parent calling their kid up on one, and then start asking why their eyes were fucked up if they be stoned then.:smoke: shit.....stml :confused:
  2. I think it\'s already been done dude.
  3. i think that first video phones have to become popular... lol ^^ you put that damn Dr. Krapp pic as ur sig pic... lol wtf
  4. they already do video ceelfones, the network is \"3\" they\'re all over the place

    whats my name metioned for?
  5. wow... I really didn\'t think they could move the information that fast over the I really don\'t remember posting this at all.. I read the whole thing, and happened to look and saw my name next to it.. It\'s confusing..
  6. i work at a shop that sells the crazy little things, i dont deal with them, and they seem kinda pointless for me, but for like a dad whos away alot they;d be good i imagion.

    mainly now they got pay as u go ones.
  7. my poor kids, not only will they have those phones they will also have gps tracking systems attached to their cars. theve already been warned. :D
  8. ya sure ya wanna know what the kids are upto when they are teenagers ????:D

    My youngest is nearly 18 and l,am thinking about running away so they carn,t find me for awhile ,lol.

  9. critter me darlin, acourse i wanna know what there up to,...(i was a teenager once too ya know) i will put a stop to alll that kinda
    oh yea i

  10. i don\'t think you\'ll stop their fun considering your still a kid at heart...i wouldn\'t mind havin higha as my momma ... ;)

  11. hhhmm,...kinda not anywhere near what i was thinkin :)
  12. If im not mistakin they got them in Japan. For video confrences and such.
  13. Ok.. How \'bout this one.. We are not going to go to video because that would mean you would have to be looking at your phone whenever your on it. So I predict that they will develop a way to transmit them directly into your brain, ensuring nobody else can hear it, your hands are free, and you would still be able to see and hear everything at the same time.. This will be the begining of the development of mind telephethy.

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