my power bill... YOU estimate me

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  1. hey guys, im going to be running around 1600 watts of HPS if my average bill is between 60-80 dollars what would you people who do this often think it would bump my bill to

    im not asking for a quote, just for those who stay in tune with their power bill. just looking to see how much extra i might need each month
  2. It's easy bro...

    Take your total wattage = 1600W x 24hrs = 38,400 watt hours/1,000 = 38.4 kWh per day x 30 = 1,152 kWh per month

    Now take a look at your electric bill and see what you're paying per kWh (kilowatt hour)....

    1,152 kWh x .05 (estimate) = $57.60 per month

    So it appears that running 1600W of HPS 24/7 will just about double your electric bill which may possibly attract some attention. Keep in mind the addition draw of your fans as well.

    Just as a reference, my average electric usage for a single family home (no growing) is about 750 kWh or about $80/month which I believe is within range of the national average.

    Good luck!
  3. wow, thats awesome, your the man
  4. my electric is so high b/c my dad plugs his motorhome into my house.....Luckily he foots the bill for it
  5. he plugs that Thing into you're house? ahahaha i never knew u could do that.:D
  6. $80 a month national average?? In the summer my electric bill typically is over $200, and I don't grow during the summer (too hot for my op). And our rates here are supposed to be lower than the national average.
  7. Well hate to break it to you but thats really very high. I live in california and we have some of the higher end rates in the nation(Not as much as NY or Hawaii), it takes a lot here for someone to have a bill over 150 dollars. Guess you just run AC nonstop or something.
  8. I have among the lower bills among people I know locally.

    Thermostat is on 80 most of the time, though the outside temps have been over 100 about 10 days this month (of course I haven't seen that bill yet!). My house is about 3,000 sq ft and I use about 2000kwh a month in the summer.

    As for my rates -- the electric co here advertises that their rates are among the lowest in the country, and of course they would never lie.
  9. Without knowing what your exact rate is or where you live..

    Basically that would use 1.6kilowatts per hour. If you had it on 12 hours a day it would be 19.2 kwh.

    National average is about 10 cents per kwh. So 19.2 x 10 x 30(days) / 100 would be like 57.6 dollars a month.

    No idea how accurate that would be for your area, could be more or less. If you live in a big city prob more, if you live in rural area probably less(Or maybe the reverse? Shit I have no idea)
  10. A/C will crank the bill up like mad.
  11. Wow....10 cents per kilowatt is the national average? My utility company charges 4.6 cents for the first 600 kWh and then it goes up to 5.1 cents for everything after that. I'm not sure if there is another rate hike after some other level of usage...I've never gotten that high.

    FYI....I have a 1,500sf home running two window A/C units most of the time and my last electric bill was $83.

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