my pot looks difrent then your pot

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by modern-hippy, May 31, 2004.

  1. Hey people,
    Whenever I get weed, it dosnt look anything like the pics that are on here... not at all. I have never seen pot that looks like that... wonder what the difrenece is between mine and yours? I'll post a picture of some of my weed next time i get some, probally not untill the 14th of june 2004
  2. is it brown?
  3. you may be getting schwag, is it $55/zip?
  4. is it good?
  5. Its not brown... its green, it is pretty good shit. Its a diffrent color green, more of a bright florecent green instead of dark green
  6. where do you live?
  7. It may have to do with how well the camera snaps the pictures too. You can never tell how good the shit is unless someone has a crazy camera.
  8. ya thats a good point, I was thinking about that... I live in the USA California to be more specific
  9. yo im from kali too wich city are you in? im in san jose and i cant find shitty weed around here... all there is is chronic
  10. I'm in Burbank
  11. well how about you take a picture bud... of your bud.. bud
  12. Santa Cruz area here!! We gots the chronic buds..especially with my hookup
  13. there isn't much bad weed in Cali.. The camera picks up the crystal a lot.. When I look at the weed regular I don't see the crystals to much but when I take a pic everything comes up..
  14. maybe it is hydro.... that is what alot of hydro grown weed looks like......... doesnt it? all light bright green.

    as long as it isnt dark brown, stringy, ghetto white/yellow hairs, and smells like crap! it is fine. like my last bag i got... damn i was pissed.... im not buying from him anymore....unless he makes it 50 a half!
  15. azusa cali4nia
  16. im from north hollywood and i havnt had any hookups in burbank but u gotta kno ppl around the valley to find good bomb herb. i kno some dealers from northridge, glendale, van nuys, la, sherman oaks, anywhere in the 818 jus tell me and i can proly get u the herb.
  17. i sent you a private message with my cell phone number
  18. we get some bright green round here its sum good shit we round here call it ohio limon...tastes green too not in a bad way either tho i prefer a nice skunky taste i like that too ~ :p
    toke on :smoke:
  19. Im in Encinitas kinda by SanDiego and theres some pretty good bud down here, lots of jack herer, silver pearl and other flavs wit' orange hairs
  20. I got thai kush before, this might be kinda random but have you ever heard of this? Or is my dealer full of shit?

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