My pot hasn't any bud yet

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by iconium, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Hey guys. That's my pot which hasnt got any bud yet? Will she has buds? She is 3 months old.

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  2. Looks like you may need 6 more months to go friend.
  3. You mean totally 9 month? I dont know what is ıt's strain. I found a few seeds and put in soil. Sorry my bad english. Friend
  4. It looks like a heavy sativa. Some can flower for 12 weeks, even more. I think you’ve got a ways to go.
  5. So sorry meant weeks :love-m3j:
  6. Those odd leaves are a sign of stress.
  7. Well first off. Looks like that plant was flowering than the light hours for longer. So now she is back to vegging. This is called reveg. If u want it to flower now u need to cut light hours too 12 or less. I mean dark not shade

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  8. Papa? Did you have a stoke this morning? "Looks like that plant was flowering than the light hours for longer." I know what you're trying to say but maybe you're typing with your feet.
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  9. She's revegging and is confused are you outside growing it?
  10. Yes she is on my balcony. I live in Turkey / Antalya. A seaside city and the weather is very hot. Tropical climate. And now daylight is 15 hours.
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  11. She may come back around but it's going to be hard pressed to do it now you're kind of late but I'm not sure what your Seasons run like there in Turkey.? If you have a long summer and your daylight hours are going to stay long for a while until they turn short you may have a chance at revegging and coming back or you may just want to start a different one and just see what that one does for Grins and Giggles
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  12. mediterranean climate. warm winter. My friend.

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