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  1. Between about 6-8 weeks my plant was displaying white pistels. Some of Screenshot_20170715-100323.png those pistels even turned Amber colore still in veg. Actually, plant is still in veg phase since plant is only getting about 8 hrs of darkness. Wth is up with my plant. Did it go Hermie on me? I sent pics of the pistels a few weeks afoot an online forum (not this site) and was assured it was female. No idea if the seeds were autoflowering. Plant is currently 10 weeks. Could somebody check out all these little ball sacs in the pic and give me the bad news.

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. Yeah, sorry to say that those aren't calyxes :(
  3. That is male plant Dude
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  4. Yea it look like male

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  5. Balls!
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