my poor grow box design

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by pot man675, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. i have tried to grow in a crdboard box but it sucked to do its need to be stealth so i have decided to make a box fit for two plants it is 5 feet tall 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep. i plan to use a bathroom fan/light for the top using a floro bulb in it and place one 4 foot floro goin up each of the side walls,, ny ideas,, it kinda needs to be inonspicuouse so factor that into your sugjestipons
  2. use at least a 150w HPS, flouros are no going to be enough light for that much height.
  3. i think that 160+ watts of fluro is gonna b enough 4 that size of box if u pick ur strain of plant wisely. im thinking northen lights wud b a gud idea, dont need a lot of light, grows short and stocky, has very little smell and it gets u wasted.

    with the plants lit from the side aswell as from the top u shud get planty of bud allover the plant(s).
  4. but for good bud formation the flouros have to be like 2" away from the bud:(
  5. not if ur lighting it from all angles. the plant wont b getting weak light from the top but 5 lots of weak light, that alone will give enough light, 2nd thing is the reason ppl say fluros have to b 2" from the top of a plant is A, cus u can get them that close and B, the light wont penatrate through the folage to the lower branchs aswell as a HID lite wher the light comes from a single point rather than from a wide area, if the bottom of the plant is lit from the side then penatration is nolonger a issue. if the inside of the grow box is made reflective enough (eg white) then the loss of light will b kept 2 a mimimum and sooner or later allmost all the light from the fluros will hit the plant, if u have a single light source at the top of the plant then most off the light will light the top of the plant but less will reach the lower part even tho more lumes may of bin made in the 1st place.

    its not a case of how much u got but how u use it, size really dont matter, it is wot u do with it! its all about finding the right ballance of the things a plant wants and not stressing it out. its no gud hitting a plant with 1000s of watts of light if it doesnt have the roots, nutes and CO2 to match wot its getting, it will only grow aswell as the weekest link in the chain will let it. its no gud saying u need A B and C to grow a gud plant if u dont understand why a plant needs A B and C and how much it needs of them things. light is only a small part of the math.

    ok enough of the ramble, potman ur plan seems sound to me, use the fluros or the hps, both have there gud and bad points, remember to keep the young plants near the light by putting them on boxs etc etc blah blah ~gone~
  6. try it and see how it works out;)

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