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  1. Alright, I went to the sick plant chart, and looked at the pictures to see if I diagnosed this correctly. I'm thinking it's Potassium Deficiancy. What do you all think? I'm basing this off of the discolouring of the outside of the leaves, but the leaves are still healthy looking, so I'm not sure... that's the only variable throwing me off.

    I planted her in the soil on May 16, so should i had some Peters All Purpose plant food 20-20-20 like suggested to help cure this?

    This is 3 different pics of the same leaf, because it's the best pictures I got...

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  2. showing us one leaf does not help.

    1. how old is the plant
    2. how big is the plant.

    to me from what i can see its a very small plant which was fed nutes way before it was even needed.
  3. Only nutes it was fed were what came in the normal potting soil... never fed out side of that as I was told to wait atleast 3-4 weeks.

    How old is the plant, I stated in the post she was planted on May 16
    How big, this was her on June 1, she's about .75 inches taller, with quite a bit more leaves.
  4. There is your problem, starting a seedling in soil with nutes.

    You need to start in regular potting soil with little to no nutes and never feed it until your ready to transplant it into a larger pot, something like 8 inch pot, by then the plant should be a good 10-14 inches, then and ONLY then you should think about adding nutrients, and even then use light nutrients such as nutes you water with every watering such as Schultz liquid plant food.
  5. Sorry, I figured I didn't need to exlain all of that information. It started life in a normal peat moss that came in a starter kit for a tomato growing thing, no nutes. Once it got bigger I transplanted her to a 10" pot... about 3 inches with about 6 sets of leaves before I transplanted her. So it didn't start life in nutrient abundance. But, I shouldn't have transplanted from a small cup until about a foot tall? I mean, when I moved it out of the cup, her roots pretty much took to the shape of the cup, they had no where else to go...
  6. I agree with Dier.
    I think this plant is showing over fertilization. Can you back off and take some pics of the entire plant?
  7. omfg i almost cried when i seen those pics im sorry bro

    Tell ur plant i said get well soon
  8. So, since we've found the problem, it i transplant back to dirt, would it be better? Or is this plant pretty much done for? I'm confused? It was just a test plant, so it's not a big loss, I'm just trying to perfect some stages.
  9. is it getting worse as time goes by or is it just the odd leaf that this is happening to???

    did you use the same soil when you repotted it ???

    and yes by the sounds of it you transplanted at the right time ..
  10. It's on a couple of other leaves, but I'm still getting new leaves. So my hope is that as new leaves comes it just absorbs the nutes easier.

    And when I repotted no I did not use the same soil. The original was a peatmoss which was basically just soil, no nutes. Then I went to a potting soil I bought from Wal-Mart...
  11. ahhh well unfortunatley it seems the plant wasnt ready for the nutes in the soil .. the problem with pre-nuted soil is you get hot spots as such ... as in its not an even spread all the way through so it would seem your roots have hit a said hot spot and is too young to cope ..

    personally i would try repotting again back into the old soil you used or something similar .. the pot you have is an ideal size for now .. you may want to consider very lightly washing the root ball when you repot .. run it under a very slow running tap to get some of the soil off so then when you repot the roots should go out of their way to settle again ... im sure others will have different advice with it being such a small and young plant its not ideal to keep messing with its roots .. but hey like i said that is what i would do ...
  12. Thanks man, you rock!! +rep

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