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  1. This happened a while ago but I feel like storytelling.

    2 weeks prior to my story I had bought a 75$ glass bong, with green artwork 'n stuff, I was delighted to have a bong. I think it was a saturday night there was a party going on, I went there and drank a bottle of wine, people were smoking and I was begged by numerous drunkards to go get my bong, so I had a friend drive me to my house to get my bong. I smoked at the party and had fun and all, when at about 11 people start saying the cops are coming prolly, so me and 2 other friends ask our friend with a car to go get some food to avoid the PO; he told us to go wait at his car.

    So me, with a bong in my backpack and a tiny nugglet of weed in my pocket, and my 2 friends who had half a case of beer and a bottle of jack go wait in the street right in front of the party waiting for our drunk driver to come out. And lo and behold 3 cops come up and park 1 by 1. My friends put their alcohol under the car when we saw them :)rolleyes:). We called our driver and he said hed be out in a minute (he ended up hooking up w/ someone and never coming out).

    Why I didnt just go back into the house, I owe a new bong too, but so were just sitting on this car trying not to act suspicious while the cops started shining their lights on the house across the street.
    So were talking thinking the cops werent cariing about us, and then like magically there was suddenly 5 cops in a circle around us. They had obviously seen the beer, which they pulled from under the car. At this point my rights were fucked because the beer was enough evidence for a search. So when asked I said I had a pipe in my back pack, when they pulled out my 3 ft glass artpeice they were surprised, and the fat white cop started cracking jokes including "what is that a sewage pipe, and various "kids these days"".

    Of the 3 cops who stayed to handle us, 2 were cool, the other was the fatass cracking jokes about my bong. One of em told me he knew we werent harming anyone, and he didnt agree with the laws, but that his job was to enforce the law, and ours was to change it, which I thought was very smart. They told us we werent going to be arrested or have anything filed, they were just going to take our shit and have our parents pick us up.
    So we each called our parents and waited outside the party for them to pick us up, my 2 friends moms were in town, but my mom was at a party about an hour away. So after 10 min my 2 friends were picked up, so the 2 chill cops left and i was stuck waiting for my mom, with this fatass asshole of a cop, who woulda straight booked me if it was up to him.
    He started complaining to me about how much a pain in the ass I was and how he was cold. After 15 min of his complaints he said fuck it, cuffed me and took me to the station.
    They didnt put me in a cell, the just stuck me on a chair in a computer room with another cop. This cop I was with told me "Whatever drugs you'll ever do, it wont be as bad as the coffee they make at this station" I laughed and talked to him for a while. The fat cop came back with a couple off duty pigs, he was apparently showing off his "catch" of the night, as 5 cops crowded around the door and peered in at me, one of em yelled "fuck that punk, throw his ass in jail".
    Finally my mom came, and the fatass talked to her. He said if I kept smoking pot I'd eventually become addicted to heroin :rolleyes:

    So I got lucky, but I lost a bong, mostly it was my drunk ass's fault.

    The end.
  2. u shoulda kicked his ass in the nuts haha, just kidding, but seriously, you should have

    amazing how even one shitty cop can outWEIGH the good ones ;)
  3. Shit man. You are fucking lucky. It's good to know that we aren't on our own in the fight towards marijuana legalization...some cops are in on it too :D
  4. dude like 7 months ago me and my freind were out burglarizing car washes that shit suck we so got caught im finna go to R.I.D aka boot camp for a year in about 4 mionth

    they got me on 2 second degree burglaries
  5. not bein 18 and cops always having to call my parents was the worst...and im not tryin to call you on bein underage as you said it the beginning it happened long ago. just sayin i used to hate that call, the cops always try to make things out to be as bad as humanly possible
  6. why do cops have to be dicks like that?

    i have never been caught with bud by the cops luckily.

  7. No offense man, but potsmokers dont deserve penalties, burgulars do. You were acting real stupid, have you ever got your car stolen from? Or your home or business (car wash), its not fucking fun, and it makes you want to kill the person who did it. Thats a REAL crime.
  8. nice sig lebowski
  9. i once had a run in with a fatass detective that was similiar to that guy.
    i kept talkin shit about him cuz he had investigated me and somethin about me that was none of his buisness.i kept calling him fatfuck and whatnot,and he finally got tired of it and got in my face and grabbed my arm and said "you better shut your god damn mouth before i shut it".well of course i was quite,till he walked away.then i was swearing my head off,calling him fat pig,and all that good stuff

  10. Thanks

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