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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by sirene, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. pumping black liquid, poisened rue fills me
    i go to the spider, small lead pills she said
    healing me dead, silently seeking fees
    dont pretend you havnt met me in bed

    hiding under the black shroud of my fear
    lifting, placing , sipping, gulping, drowning
    chasing the end down the corridor, ssshhh ...
    compressed mind stuck in excess astounding

    wheeling through a field, forest in the back
    wind sweeping light creates cryptic visions
    she whispers in soothing patterns, dont fight
    here, the sun king must avoid collision

    silently rushing my still heart, its you
    awaken, no ...bright lights are only dew


    strawberry streaks and orange manifolds
    sun meets desert like acid decending
    tip toe of the high like a spider web
    falling slowly but surely from heaven
    no shadow just dark smooth sand against blue
    get your ritual tools ready, tounge out
    sweeping swirling arms out, sexy seduce
    bringing me up to the gasp, when im real
    pulsing energy rippling through my body
    like the snakes enticing descend to me
    watch the raven fly higher and higher
    the old messenger bringing you to god
    stay here, sweet wet knowledge of this, this ...
    body and mind neon mesmorize, transcribe
    the journey takes me beyond the limit
    more and more every time i go, lets hide
    sheets of residual dew, falling ... miss
    and the fog decends on me once again


    seductive dreams, once long ago
    objectifying for erotic youth
    alluring suggestions rising plateau
    teaching me mercILOUSLY , teach me you

    falling asleep again, journey into
    my guide greets me and passes me into thee
    releasing emotions fluid motions
    complete euphoric utopic entities

    mesmeric absorbtion, hot flesh, you must !
    breaking the taught skin between you and blood
    orgasmic arching, endless pleasure, thrust
    force yourself into me, beginning the flood

    deep pulsating colors, deep hues of love
    drops of apocolyptic blood, cover us


    bursting forth bright spewing fire dragon
    light spheres, reminders of a yellow muse
    creative breaths inhale, warm amblygon
    soul streaks of paint placed , nothing to lose

    dark blue waves entering orangey suns
    tossing ideas about on the floor
    rolled in water bouncing dreams begun
    spread over the dark canvas of before

    new life pumping into the dead, divine
    meditating the mind, searching within
    aquisitions of a journey, refined
    taking you far when, choosing to give in

    ethereal sown, to oceans i drift
    share with me your soul, incubated gift


  2. crude as my opinions are, I'm seeing a poem bout humpen here... am i right?? :D cause truely i have no eye for this kinda stuff... basically cause i think i'd need an ear and not an eye........ DOH... *dont mind that hick over there in the corner, thats just Schranana* :D
  3. its actually about taking acid ;-)


  4. heh.. shows what i know :D
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    LOL, you pervert. :D
  6. Shit, those dont even rhyme.

  7. Whoever said poems had to?
  8. ALL poems MUST rhyme.

    taken from the ten commandments of poetry, duh :p
  9. actually, there is rhyming. Look alittle harder ;-)

  10. And that my friends is why Im not a poet! good work on confusing the poor hillbilly from backwoods oregon.
  11. Oh dont try to tell me its the reefer.

    If not them who?

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