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  1. I had to write a poem on this certain format, i hate writing but i thoguht this was decent lol tell me what you think.
    21 August 2008

    I (my name) am here to present you about my views, values, and complex thoughts.
    I call upon you to listen to my life, to learn my way of thinking and to better help you understand my complexity.

    I say I am different, but so are you. We are all unique in our own way; I like sports you do not. I do not want to be a follower; I say I want to create my own path.

    I hate English; it's just not my thing. Writing is not my talent I cannot understand it. On the flip side I love to read other peoples writing. It fascinates me how someone can express himself or herself in a way I cannot.

    I love math and science. I love to let my mind boggle on how immense the universe is and I love to relax on Sunday afternoons with my family.

    Listening to me may be will make you question me. I can only share my opinion my answer would be. Listening to me might change your view, but oh well…I hate English class; just listen to me.

    I work in the way of the Lord. I try to work my best but that will not always be the case. Nothing is perfect in the world, so watch me mature and grow. I work in the way I think is morally correct…you have a problem with that just listen and do not label me; its just me.

    I come from a world of hate and crime, where a lot people struggle to get a meal. If I had my way I would come from a world of peace nonetheless, but nothing in this universe can be free; I will always come from this world. Sit back and listen to me, these are my views and opinions so go ahead…question me.

    I have seen a lot in life, but not enough. I have seen many A's but a few F's. I have seen nature's abstract beauty. I have seen a journey only (Name) eyes and mind can describe.

    I delight in sharing my thoughts and my opinions. I delight in having a good time and being active, at the same time I love to relax and be mellow. I am different, some things in life do not make sense like how I want to be active but at the same time I want to be mellow.

    I invite you to listen to me; I am the only (Name) that is like this. These are my opinions and thoughts. I invite you into my life. I hope you can better understand me.

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