My Pleasant Night On MDMA

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fAKdded, May 1, 2006.

  1. What's up everyone? I posted that thread about rolling the other night, but I didn't get a chance because something came up. Well I ended up taking it tonight. Turned out to be a real chill night. Me and 2 friends were just cruisin' lookin for somethin to do hittin the bong. We see some friends and there doing the same thing.... At that point I pop the Roll. We go back to a friends house (At this point im already high as hell) and just hang out and blaze. They smoked us up with some good chronic, because we had a GonG Bong, and they just had wraps. I was high as hell... and before I knew it I was rolling. Went out to eat, althouh I wasn't hungry... Then I started to peak so I felt great, then I headed home... Now Im just sitting here enjoying the rest of my roll... even if it is by myself, I am satisifed from hangin out with everyone earlier.:gc_rocks:
  2. sounds incredible man, i cannot wait to try x
  3. i rolled lastnight for the first time it was sweet, i was like the most mellow person in the world, everyone was drunk and screaming and i remember saying shushhhhhhh like a million times cause the noise was weird but even with the cacophony of noise i thought life was beautiful and everything was in place, thank you Merck Pharm
  4. lol Merk pharm? As far as I know... they don't manufacture an illegal drug. Im just a lil confused?
  5. I went on my rare E binges this weekend. I ended up buying 8 rolls, 4 blue dolphins, and 4 Blue Shields.

    It was a beautiful weekend. This time I was prepared too. I bought this cool mouthpiece with these crazy LED's in them. It tripped everyone out. I would just hang out, my teeth gleaming with a mryiad of colors. Shit yea. Then, I managed to get the general in action, had a long marathon of great sex. Whew, I blew her dome 6 or seven times that night. I still have small scratches on my back from her nails. Yea, um, anyways.. :smoking:

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