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My Plea to NuBBiN

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 13, 2002.


i can't remember what the question was going to be. DOH!

  1. Nubbin should stop tormenting Digit's head.

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  2. BBP should wash behind his ears. teehee.

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  3. ganjaphish should get some dreds on her li'l hobbes.

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  4. timothy dalton should rot in hell for being the WORST bond in the history of bonds.

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  5. every midgie in Scotland should just F*CK O*F and give me at least 5 seconds without being bit.

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  6. Anyone voting in this poll should vote for this one cos it shows up green and green is the best colo

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  1. nubbin.... please. why must u torment my fragile little brain in such ways. it wasnt enough for your image to haunt me whenever i was unlucky enough to catch a glimpse but now every now and again it gives of a signal that disturbs some reflex to glance across at it. it's doing my fucking nut in. seriously dude. make him wear some shades or something. please.... make the pain stop!
  2. I think I voted for bond but I forget now.
  3. it's gotta be the midge' bloody annoying, especially after it's just rained.....Peace out....Sid
  4. Lazenby was the worst bond. not dalton. Shit lazenby wasn't even english- he was australian. And they let all the others do at least one more film. Not lazenby. After "on her majesty's secret service" that was it. Fuck off and don't plague us again with your crap acting, sir.
  5. hell, Id like to see some dreds on hobbies...what a cutie! ;)
  6. Nubbin smells what the rock is cookin
  7. I was gonna go for the dreads, but I can't keep Digit in agony any longer! Our pollmaster must be peaceful.
    and plus, that creepy thing on his avatar freaks me out too, and i'm not just talking about the ice cream dude anymore...
    *violent shudders*
  8. dang right gp. u tell em for da both of us.

    haunting, creepy, ass, damn, spooky, ol', nasty, dark, shadowy thing.

    ... whatever it is it's making me very paranoid when i smoke.... i keep thinking there are dead people atacking me. please... can't the administrators do something????? it's almost reatched the point where i'm calling the samaritans.
  9. dunno i was more of a green fan ya know what i mean
  10. green has always been my favourite colour. but when i first discovered u could get cannabis plants that are purple, i knew that some things... were ment to be purple.

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