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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hereticmaggot, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. finnaly heres some pics of my plants. maybe someone can give me some pointers or jus tell me what u think


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  2. looking great...... u feeding her already...

  3. great dosent cover it..... internodal spacing is down to a clear minimal... leaves are dark green and looking healthy as shit theres the tinyiest show of a yellowing at the tips of the leaves which tells me your probably feeding her already but you look like your doing a purfect job...... keep it up bud :D

    Eddit: i take it back the leaves arent yellowed at all.... I'm just dumb
  4. heres some more pics

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  5. and more

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  6. and one more

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  7. and this is a first time grow im happy there all about 2 - 3 months old
  8. plant looks nice......btw what do you guys mean - feeding it?

  9. Im actuatlly with herritic on this grow and we have absolutly no idea what it is other than bagseed. Weve got 4 plants right now one is about 4 feet and the two others are about 2-3, the smaller ones seem to be having a small mold problem but thats most likley because of the rain we get every day at about 5pm... anyways about the feeding right now we have them in pots filled with miracle grow potting mix it was like 10$ for a 2cubic yard bag. and mixed in was a lot of bone meal some various small amounts of vegetable time release fertalizer
  10. feeding the plants means giving them fertalizer. You can choose if you wana do that or not. Most people will tell you to do it, but im on a limited budget, and Im just keeping it in the soil, which has a lot of fertalizer in it already. If this is your first time growing, I would stay away from fertalizer, because if you put in too much, you will kill them. (most new growers make that or a similar mistake) good luck man, those leaves look nice and healty

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