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  1. the first 4 are one plant and the last one is a diffrent plant.

    i want to know how they are looking for about 1 month old and i also have 3 others but they are smaller than these

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  2. Looks real good for 1 month. Started indoors?
  3. I only had them indoors from seed to a couple days old maybe 4-7 days indoors on 16/8 light I think that's what it is lol but 16 on and 8 off
  4. damn not bad, mine aren't that full and i planted on 4/20
    looks nice!

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  5. My plants are incredibly identical to your grow dude. What kind of soil are you using?
  6. im currently using Miracle grow potting mix.

    i want to know if these little bastards are going to be a problem they are only on the bottom side of the big fan leaves

    srry for the bad pic i used my phone

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  7. i had this problem at the begining on my grow and in addition to that there were green flies and spider mites too in a greater quantity, fortunately now i dont have this problem anymore except for some occasional spider mite. spray some insecticide 2x every week for about 3 weeks and that should get rid of a great part of them .
  8. I'm going to make some some homemade insect repelant because I don't want to use harmful chemicals

    my big plant is the only one that has it now I'm wondering is it because I don't have tin foil all atound the bucket because maybe those black fly things don't like the light
  9. Looking OK for a month.
  10. Aphids is what they look like although its pretty blurry and you can get an organic pesticide to fix them i use neem oil ! take care !
  11. looks nice bro check out mine :p

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