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my plants

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by hopesfall, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. what kind of yield can i expectwith this plant if i pit it into 12/12 right now?

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  3. they look male too me.
  4. they arent flowering yet.....
  5. well i'm no expereanced grower but if it is female and has plently of light then a good couple of ounces
  6. What strain are they?
    A good height to start flowering is 12"-18", from the look of those they are way above that already! I would start flowering now, but if you can tell me what strain, then i can give an estimate of yield.
    good luck
  7. I say 6 feet and if you dont have at least a 400 watt HPS you screwed yourself. That big of a plant will not be very good unless you can give it the juice. if you have at least 400 or better yet 600-1000 watts of hps light you will be a happy man!!! congradulations on the grow! its awesome
  8. well unless my eyes are deceiving me, it looks like a sativa, but has quite wide leaves like an indica......it may be a cross....as for height i had one that looked very similar and when triggered at 2.5' it ended up ovr 7'....and you will need a lot of light for a plant that size....i had a 400wHPS and got 6oz yield......Peace out...Sid

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