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  1. Hi all,

    Firstly, I'm new to growing. I planted my seeds about 4 months ago, and as of now they are still very small.
    I'm growing them outdoors, in a warm climate. Seriously, weed flourishes here, it doesn't need any special treatment. Yet I'm doing something wrong. After they seeded I know I waited too long to transplant them into bigger pots (I only did it about 3 months after they seeded). I water them once a day, and they've even started forming (miniscule) buds. They're in perfectly good potting soil. I don't fertilize or give them any other special treatment as it is not necessary in this climate. They get natural sunlight during the day. But the damn plants won't grow taller than 10cm (about 2 inches) after 4 months!

    Can anybody perhaps give me some advice? Is it too late to save them?

    I attached pics so you can see how they look.

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  2. why did you transplant after the plants seeded ...were they auto seed or regular seeds ,,just dont really understand what you really mean ,unless you kept your plants in a very small pot till they started making buds ,,just cant get my head around this ,,,they dont look like they are seeded just making a tiny bud ,,Auto seed would do that if you never never put the seed and started it in a large pot and kept it a little 3in pot ,,,,mac,
  3. Looks like you had auto seeds, or your daylight was at or below 12hrs a day were you hiding them in a cupboard or other dark place? You would have had to seriously stress a reg seed... they are very unlikely to get any larger my friend, time to replant..,
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  4. Unfortunately I don't know if they're auto seeds or not. Sorry, I remembered I transplanted them 2 months after they sprung up, not 3. They were in those little seed trays. I thought they would expand after being put in a bigger pot but as you can see they haven't.

    I guess I just don't understand why they're growing buds but staying so small?
    They've been outside on the balcony since I planted them. I put them in an ideal spot where they get maximum sunlight.

    I guess you're right, I'll have to start again. I'll harvest these and see what I get off them
  5. Wait these are 4 months old ??????????
  6. This blows my mind , I mean I've had two foot tall plants in solo cups , and you vegged this from seed for 3 months wtf did you do to it .
  7. Exactly what I was wondering lol.
    I basically planted them, watered them daily and made sure they got as much sunlight as necessary. Don't know how I managed to screw that up...
    It's my first attempt though, so let's hope I do better on the next one.

    Any advice you could give to a beginner?
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  8. When i first started growing again many including myself thought "I will start with some bag seed so I dont ruin good seeds" its flawed thinking for several reasons, the cost of a good soil mix, fertilizer, pots, power for lights, fans, AC or heaters, your time all remains the same no matter how much we pay for the seed the other issue is you cannot research good information or help online when you have no idea what strain you are growing, plus good genitics totally increase your chances for pulling off a successful grow..... Next time you pop some seeds use known genitics and a strain known to be easier to grow not only for a noob but for the area you live in your frustration levels will go way down my friend...,
  9. Not true at all ️I have grown great things from bagseed . I know what your problem is in one sentence. You water everyday this is a no no unless hydro or coco . You need to let the " Soul " (soil) dryout , you should water than lift your pot , get a feel for how heavy it is after watering . Than keep picking up your pot over the next few days tell it feels light that's when you need water . Don't let them get to dry that they droop though.
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  10. I have no doubt you, I and many with experience can pull off great grows from bag seed, my point is for a first grow one is much better off starting with known genetics and a known strain, agreed plants are plants they all need nearly the same things but unknown bad genetics will make it harder to learn, there are strains that are much easier to grow for a noob then say a 90-100% sativa
  11. That ️was my first grow ever , with unknown strain . Didn't know shit about growing and pulled a half pound from a 400w Chinese cob led . It's all in what you put into it , research , research, research. Go all out and do it right the first time that's my motto! But now I'm way beyond that lol
  12. Nice trichome production though.

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