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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. so far its nicely over a foot tall its an indica and its got about 8 leaves the size of a grown mans hand outstreached very broad. im gonna start flowering in 3 days turning lights off at 6 pm and on again at 6 am( when my mom gets up for work )
    ive been giving it a low dose of tomato food for the last 2 weeks watering it every 3 days. its in a 3 gallon pot dunno, gimmie some tidbits on good flowering so i dont fuck up lol
  2. HIGH All, just go to your loco store and pick something up with a HIGH P

    You know it's best to have the lights O.F.F.F. durning the day..heat is a killer.

    You the one with no timer?
    One thing that'll Phuck up a plant is inconsistent must be on regular schedule to get the most out of your baby.
  3. lol ya im saving up some cash gonna hit the stores in a few days here to get a heat mat and timer/ph tester etc
  4. Just curious, what does O.F.F.F. mean? I have heard it many times, and I have heard the deffnition before, but I can't remember. So insted of going around like a dumbass, could someone enlighten me? :D
  5. O.F.F.F

    Old Fried Farts and Fartettes
  6. When your in the last stage of flowering cut back on the watering alot.

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