My plants new leaves are yellow

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  1. I'm at 6 weeks into my grow both my white widows new leafs are turning yellowing and curling and twisting at the top and leafs are yellowing I don't know if is iron meg or zinc and I don't know what to use. So far I been using fox farm ocean soil plus fox farm big grow fert twice a week the leafs feel crispy and dry [​IMG]
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  3. add lime or use a different soil,i know my white widow did not like fox farms at all my trainwreck loves it.
    your is doing better than mine. mine got weird spots like spider mites without having any found . they also turned yellow at first than added lime and zinc and iron than got the spots.i think its a ph problem with fox farms.

    i use distal water since i have very hard water,you could try using spring water afew times also.
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    nope i wish they was like those little tiny dots like bug bites yet there are no bugs

    hard to tell by pic but what color are those spots? brown ,grey or purple?

    looks like it needs a feeding of N and if brown cal and mag if purple or grey phosphorus

    here a site that had a few good photos
    How To Grow Marijuana Step 3: Troubleshooting & Solutions
  5. That's what I thought but i been lucky to no have issues with bugs .the spots are brown [​IMG]

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  6. crossing my fingers last week i removed all the leaves but the new growth (all had the spots) took it to the tub and removed the roots from the soil using bucket of water misted plant washed all new soil re-potted in soil i made years ago, started growing again so we will see

    the spots look kinda like the white one on yours but times that by 1000 my only guess is it bugs i can't see

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