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    So these plants are about a month old. I started growing with jus a bulb and a window and moved up after 2 weeks to a grow tent with a 1000 watt led. My plants should be bigger. I know I should transfer to better soil but don't know how to transfer with bringing any of the old dirt medium. How these plants look. What can I do ya think? I also over water jus once. The soil is organic.. dirt..
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  2. There are a ton of different ways to grow cannabis, some more successful than others (some depending on the personal skill or tastes of the grower).

    As long as you pick an overall method (dirt, coco, hydro, etc) / (Low stress training, topping screening, just letting it grow natural etc) and stick to legit techniques, you should get some decent bud on your first grow, and a whole lot more on your second and subsequent as you figure out your personal tastes and what methods produce the best results for your grow site. Also, read as much as you can about whatever methods you are planning to use this grow.

    I'm currently teaching my 80ish year old father how to grow his first crop (2 plants) under a 1,000W led and a 4x4 tent, including considerations on both how to position adjust intensity on the plants as they grow, and the dirt medium used to grow them in.

    Might be of use to you as well. (remembering full well there are lots of other way to do this, just whats been working easiest for me the last few years, I'm a lazy grower)

    Bruce Banner / Gorilla Glue scrog dirt grow for octogenarians and more!

    Either way, get those girls into a good medium and under a decent light asap.

    Best of luck on the grow mate
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  3. It looks like a spade full of dirt from your backyard. While cannabis will grow in almost anything it'll be slow. We want speed so a light fluffy soil is best for that. Roots grow fast in light soil and so does the plant.

    Fill a pan with water then cut that cup off. Place plant in water and very gently start to loosen and remove the soil. They are still small enough to get away with completely rinsing all the old "Dirt"" off.

    Replant in square nursery pots with a better soil. Fox Farm Ocean Forest for example. Or their Happy Frog.

    I'd stay in a small 3x3x3 inch pot as it's easier to control the watering for new growers in small pots. You'll tend to over water and small pots recover and dry out faster from your errors.

    More light......

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  4. Ty you bro! Great information. As soon as they get big enough I'll be transferring to Sohum living soil. Jus worried this dirt is stunting my plants. Also My Lighting is VIPARSPECTRA 1000W LED Dual Chips Full Spectrum LED. Tent size is 3x3x6.
  5. Ty!
  6. Ill be transferring them to happy frog tomorrow. Hopefully transferring these babies wont shock that plant.
  7. Hey jus wanted to give you guys a update! We pull all the plants out that dirt and have them now in Happy Frog soil. They look like new. Thanks for the help. They were root bound in that clay

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  8. Let us know how your doing with your seedlings. Just interested in how they will grow in happy frog. Thanks
  9. Will keep you guys updated. As you can see with the update pic with happy frog they are new plants! When the roots grow out the bottom I'll transfer to a 5 gallon with Sohum Soil.
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  10. When the leaves are past the edges of the cup is a good time to transplant. Good LuckOh yeah what strain are you growing?
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  11. Update picture! I'll take a another in a few weeks or so.. 311155177_654099179630647_7154695117077673750_n.jpg 297391716_527058152590739_3026143322566848320_n.jpg
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  12. Runtz x GG4
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  13. Ty bro! I'm sure I'll have more questions. I'll post them here.
  14. Your welcome and post em when you can. Good Luck Peace Out
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  15. 312711400_5742366905801380_92926022844041776_n.jpg 312541342_666615178141813_8057467470149318238_n.jpg How's it going? Jus an update on the plants! They are in one gallon pots. When I move to 5 gallon ( next transfer ) I will be using Sohum Soil for nutes!
  16. I hope you know about your sohum soil. It says good for veg and flower. Well to my grow s I know you dont use too much nitrogen for mid or late bloom so watch for that. Might see what the professor says. But dang those are looking great now. Good growing.
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  17. Heres my new seedlings at 5 days amnesia haze and acopulco gold.

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