My plants leaves have become DARK GREEN! ??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. So I have a couple plants growing under a 70w HPS. One I started from seed, the other I brought in from outside just over a foot tall.

    So here is my question, why the hell are they so DARK GREEN.
    My outdoor plant I brought in was normal green like a corn plant, now its 5 shades darker green, as is the seedling. They look healthy and all, just way WAY dark green. Is this good?

    Also these plants are on 24/7 light. But when I get home from work 2:30pm I have been setting them outside until about 6 in the sun on nice super sunny days. Is this okay? I figured they get a little fresh breeze and the natural rays of the sun. Any harm in doing this?

    Any help is appreciated, im new to the game but learning quick.
  2. as long as they're healthy......that's all that matters.......have you added any fert recently, like one that's high in nitrogen?......either that or the fact that they don't get as much light has darkened the leaves...........Peace out.........Sid
  3. Sid-
    Nope no extra ferts of any kind. Matter of fact, no ferts of any kind yet. One light dose of miracle grow way back....but it was only 20% strength.

    The plants are a good 3 inches from my HPS bulb. Its not hot really, but very bright.

    My guess would be from lack of light they would turn light green or yellow, like if you leave your car parked on the lawn. The grass turns light green from no photosynthesis action.

    Ive since moved my plants back from the light a few inches and im going to see how this goes. Something just wasn't right. Not only were they very dark green and waxy looking, but the new fan leaves only have 3 fingers each. Heck ive prob just given my plant a dose of chemo being so near the light.

    Only time will tell I guess. Ive since moved three clones under the same light.
  4. what size of hps is it?...........Peace out.......Sid
  5. its just the change of light, dont worry about it. u may find the leaves get broader aswell if left long enough.

    the 3 fingers r from the change of light aswell. either they was about to start flowering becuse of the time of year and them being outside or becuse the 70w is so much weaker than the sun the plant paniced and thought the light was going 4 this year so started flowering. now its ajusted to the light (dark leaves)and begening to reveg again it shud b ok.
  6. Thanks man, yea its a 70w HPS. And yea it had started to flower so those are the leaves from the flowering. I hope to see the regular leaves soon.

  7. damn i was stoned last night, asking what size of hps, when it's clearly at the top of your i was gonna find out what size it was and then explain what barnaby you.....your too quick for my stoned out........Sid

  8. not from flowering but from revegging. if u notice they r like the 1st few leaves a seedling has. this is becuse ur plant has been reborn! u will c the normal leaves again soon.

    im just bord and got nowt better to do at the mo sid so im on ere a lot. im off 4 the weekend now so catch ya soon!

    oh look its my 666th post! hope that aint a bad omen!
  9. Dark green leaves could be a phosphorous deficiency or phosphorous toxicity.
  10. if you over feed with cal/mag they turn dark green Im pritty sure its the cal 
  11. Do you have any pictures? I find that if they are darker from some nutrient imbalance/over feed, they usually show a little clawing as well.
    Just in general, I find that plants for whatever reason are darker green under HPS than they are under MH or sunlight.
    As long as they are healthy, darker is good. Darker leaves absorb more light (that's why they're darker), and lighter color leaves reflect more light (that's why they are lighter). Anything that reflects more light looks lighter because what you are seeing is the light reflecting from it.
    My personal theory on why plants are darker under HPS is because HPS doesn't have hardly any green in the output, and leaves reflect mostly green light.
  12. guys I'm having this same problem with 2 snow Ryder autos I got. There about 3 inches tall with a good few sets of leaves on. Iv got them in a 1by1by2 grow tent with 600 hps with two 4 inch extractors and two 6inch fans to circulate air. I'm growing in soil with bio bizz nutes. It's probably nothing but they are really dark green
  13. any pictures ,pictures are worth a thousand words (as the saying goes) as it really helps to get the right answers,,,mac
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  14. You guys are really making mountains out of mole hills
  15. where did you get a 70w hps?
  16. Lol anyone consider what strain it is? Genetics are quite an important factor. Post a pic though....

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  17. 3 inches under a hps
    I dont like it
  18. i have this issue. 6 of my plants are super dark. thought it was just strain , but not so sure. very healthy, not worried but i am curious. gonna play with one and see if i can get new growth a more natural color.

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