My plants leafs are weird looking and bumpy kinda and turning crispy

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  1. I added my images of her
    She was grown outside untill it got Colder but I don't have a growtent and I use a cold steam humidifier not sure what to do she's in a 9 gallon long bucket witch seems to be working for her I've noticed it got like this when the weather outside got cold I'm not sure what to do please help and thank you.shes in preflower right now. I give her bloom booster and tomato fertilizer thank you.

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  2. What are your watering habits?
    How to Identify & Fix Cannabis Root Problems with Pics!
  3. I water when she's dry usually with fertilized water I make sure the water runs out the bottom when I water also maybe about every 4 or 5 days is when I water this is my first plant really scared to over water
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  4. This is the part I wanted to guide you to in understanding what might be going on with your plant.

    Possible Triggers For Root Problems

    • Heat – cannabis is more likely to have root problems at higher temperatures
    • Cold – cold roots are unhappy roots – cold shock can cause wilting and other problems
    • Over-watering potted plants – too much watering tends to cause root problems
    • No drainage hole at the bottom of the container – if water can’t get out and water is sitting at the bottom of the pot, the roots can “drown”
    • Muddy or thick soil – if your soil is muddy and thick instead of rich and fluffy, it may mean the soil doesn’t hold enough oxygen to support your roots.
    • Small plant in a big container – When a seedling (or small plant) is in a big container, it often has trouble getting enough oxygen at the roots. Until the plant has grown bigger and started to fill up the container, it’s important to avoid overwatering. It can help to water just a little bit at a time, in a circle around the seedling, until it starts growing faster.
    • Plant has “overgrown” it’s container (become rootbound) – The roots of a rootbound plant have started circling the outside of the container, causing watering and nutrient problems even if you’re doing everything right. When this happens, you may need to transplant to a bigger container to stop the plant from being “choked” by the roots.
    • Big plant in a small container – any time you have a big plant in a small container, even if the plant isn’t root bound, you increase the chance of underwatering since the plant quickly drinks up all the water in the soil!
  5. Thank you so much I'm going to see if she doesn't get better by next week looking into maybe changing her pot and adding new soil with more perlite.
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  6. What soil are you using? Is it light and fluffy or dense with little aeration.
    It's not the best idea to transplant if she is already flowering. I cannot see from your picture if she is. You can use a wooden skewer to poke holes down into the growing medium to allow more oxygen into the root zone if you believe the soil is heavy. Stop if you hit resistance, move your skewer a little and poke again. A cold floor can also cause similar issues to what you are seeing. Good luck and welcome to GC.
  7. Thank you so much I will poke hole then thank you alot
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  8. so what are you doing for light? just keeping her in the window?
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  9. No I have a 3 setting led grow light I just keep her under it for about 12 hours or less and total to nun darkness for the rest
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  10. consider watering with just water ...
    water may drain out but the soil acts as a filter retaining the nutes leading to toxic soil leading to nute burn

    good luck
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  11. Thank you I will do that next water thanks
  12. try if now,
    the standard flush is 3 times the pot volume with air temp water allow to drain out over night to continue in the morning

  13. Thank you so much I will

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