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  1. Hi i got a plant as a gift from my friend. She is a Pineappke Kush, feminized, i grow it outdoor, in my garden. She was 2 weeks old when i got her, 6 days ago. This started 4 days ago, the leaves getting brown and yellow, even the small leaves wow. Today is warmer day then the last 4, and it seems spreading faster than before. Sometimes its a littlebit windy for hours in my garden. Whats the problem? help pls 20170717_140629.jpg 20170717_140619.jpg 20170717_140501.jpg 20170717_140445.jpg
  2. Id re-gift your gift and start anew. If that is not an option however, and you want to show your friend how responsible you are by showing her an amazing healthy pre flowering babygirl next week when she (or he) comes by then we need to know some stuff... you mentioned it was Feminized Pineapple Kush, what was the medium you are growing in? (i.e. FoxFarm, BushDoctor, Pro Mix, Coco Coir, backyard dirt?) as well as nutrients or fertilizers you have given and when. If and when you have watered and what is the temps and humidity like outdoors where you are? Lots of factors but her light color and dying leaves tells me she is starving and needs some plant nutrients in some form or another. Also, depending on your medium, CalMag Plus or GH CaliMagic wouldn't hurt either. Good luck and give us a bit more info next time. Cheers!

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  3. in hungary, outdoor temp is 20-35 almost always sunny, bit windy. He started to grow it in simple soil from the garden. Im using flowersoil, i show a pic about it. And i added some nutrients(25ml with water), look the pic.

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