My plants...How do they look?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by chadleebuds, May 26, 2009.

  1. They are a month and a week old. What do you think about em?

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  2. they look great what's the strain?
  3. Blue Dream on the left Sour Diesel on the right. Grape punch flowering, Its my early harvest smoke, As an experiement I flowered it after 3 weeks of veg so its kinda small. But nugs look dank!

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  4. Great job, your plants look huge for their age! How many hours of light are they getting each day?
  5. They are getting about 8 hours of direct light. This is my first outdoor in a while anmd I dont remember growth happening this fast! Im just lucky to have a nice backyard with a tall fence and lots of trees hiding them.
  6. Nice Chadleebuds!:hello:, do you have any indoor?
    INdoor apartment grow here, What does everyone think? any advice. I have 3 seedlings, no idea what strain (seeds were souveniers from a jamaica trip) 3 seedlings all female using 2 as mothers (1 looks pure indica:smoking: IN browm pot far left side in veg pic, the other looks hybrid too, sativa dom.(White bucket far right in flower pic) flowering 3rd seedling 4 weeks (hybrid too I think?? looks Indica dominant???took clones before flowering) also have many clones from all 3 ranging from cut 5 days to 3 weeks since rooting-(black pot),
  7. There now pics should appear

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  8. Nope no indoor at this time. I just kinda had a spur of the moment at the cannabis club and thought i needed some clones. I have been out of the grown scene for a while so I thought I'd come back strong.

    Alot of my branches are really light/lime green so I was wondering what the cause is? or if its normal?
  9. Nutrient deficiency, Nitrogen or phosphate I forget which one??, 75% sure it's Nitro, but I'd look it up just to be sure :confused:
  10. I have never heard of diagnosing deficiencies based on stem color alone. From the pics look very healthy. IME stems are lighter than the leaves all the time, light lime green stems are normal.
  11. crazy man, I'm growing sour diesel and blue dream this season too!
    mine are about 3 weeks from clone and about 2/3 the size of those though
  12. damn those plants look healthy, hoooott dammmmmmm. mad green lookksksss mad niceeeeee:smoking:

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