My plants have AIDS!!!!!

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  1. Can anybody tell me what this green algae floating in my feed tray is its damaging my plants as soon as I clean one tray out it will start in another I'm using metre square trays with 8 pots in each tray I'm putting feed into trays so plants can bottom feed this is how I've always grew my babies at least 6 previous grows but this time I have like a pond algae floating on my feed trays and its giving my plants aids there starting to look like smack heads I need help with a diagnosis and maybe a cure or prevention if possible I'd just like to know what it is anybody's help would be greatly appreciated
    Ill put done pictures on my next thread but be warned its ugly
    I'm worried bitch ass algae ruining my crop man
  2. No. Your plant don't have aids. :wave:
  3. Try adding a little hydrogen peroxide to it
  4. Stumps any idea of the quantity l should use mate and should I apply to food tank (100 litre barrel) where's there's no Algae or straight into feed trays where algae is but also where plants sit directly the trays mesure 1.2 m2 and hold roughly 25 litres per feed
    Thanks for the response stumpie feeling the luv bruv
  5. Well hopefully one if the more experienced hydro guys will chime in here since I do soil but when I do it I do 15mil per gallon but as I said not hydro so I'm not sure how it will affect your nutes.
  6. Could also help to maybe give your food tray a good wash if its an available option
  7. Using coco myself stumpie lad just that I put food in trays that the plants sit in bit of a half an half method I've washed them all out for now its gone for now fingers crossed I'm just dreading a comeback of algae just wanting to be prepared mate to protect my girls an get best yield
    Respect for taking time to answer
  8. Saw this on Al.B.Fuct's post on his perpetual grow

    Pathogen control is by H2O2, 50% horticultural grade added to all tanks every 3-4 days at 1ml/litre of tank volume.
  9. Nice one stumpie yer a legend at least I'll be prepared if the dreaded algae makes a comeback
  10. Np man glad I could help

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