my plants got robbed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by heavyhitter25, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. a full summers worth of work gone... 7 plants right before harvest
  2. Do you have any idea who could have taken them?
  3. Well, at least now you know not to grow where ever it was that you were growing.

    Next year be a lot more careful with your grow spot.

    Start thinking real hard about who you told and would have any possible ideas about your spot. Even if you were to find out who did it, you won't be able to do very much about it.
  4. dude that so sucks. i also have 7 plants. i have about 4 weeks left. even though the plants are in my yard. i will be sleeping outside.
  5. What was the projected yield, maybe you can file a claim with your insurance company?
  6. they knew about your spot the whole season, waited till harvest and then took em!
  7. Yea that sucks man. people need to do them and stop stealing other peoples hard work
  8. hahah who knew about your patch u fuckin up rookie
  9. Happened to me to my first grow. Thats part of guerilla growing. No more of that for me im all legal.
  10. I read about people on this site finding plants all the time..And only one time did i read some one saying ...LEAVE THEM ALONE THEY DONT BELONG TO YOU!!!..
  11. that it awesul sorry buddy! i have only a few weeks left and been noticing more tracks then i create, i think. so im getting nervous as well. at least u kno for next year
  12. Calm down 4 post punk. Show some respect around here. You'd be a bit upset if your hard work was ripped too.
  13. Awful thing.:cry: In Hawaii the thieves drop out of the sky on tethers from helicopters. They just drop down grab the plants they see and spring back up. No bother with introduction.
    Badge or not...:confused:
    Why do you think Farmer John guards his watermelon patch with a shotgun loaded with
    rock salt. " Damn neighbor kids".

    Being legal doesn't preclude one from getting ripped. On the contrary. There have been
    cases in KA'U where crooks got hold of cardholder lists and ripped off little old ladies.:eek:

    Dear ripped Mendoman this is not the Californio way. The Mendocino community should help and support you in your time of need. Now and for the future. Someone get this guy a big bud. STAT!:bongin:
  14. It was not I, but heavyhitter25 that got his crop ripped. Thanks for the sentiment though MUSICWIZZ.

    I hope he finds the culprit(s) and beats the piss out of them.
  15. I've been ripped of many plants from deer to thieves to cops. You really gotta pick crazy spots to make it all the way. It's something that will scar you, but will make you much stronger from it. Welcome to the GG club bro
  16. GREAT POINT! This will make you a better guerrilla grower. It hurts like repeated kicks to the balls right now, but you'll find a way to make it bigger, better, and SAFER next time.
  17. yea nxt year wiill be better... you learn somethin new everygrow

  18. same happened to me. i was fine except i was only getting 5 hours of direct sunlight, so i moved them for 8+ and before harvest someone drove up and took em.
    Lucky i wasnt there or i woulda shot on sight if i knew he was there to take em

  19. Uhm... I'd say you picked a crappy spot if someone could have just "drove up and took em."

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