My plants got pollinated somehow??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smokeboi1245, May 6, 2006.

  1. they use a chart of recordable pollen from hemlocks that has a 200mil radius.

    pollen can go a long ways, but most likely source is always ur plants turned hermie.
  2. Hey,
    Your plants are "selfing" . It is a hermi situation. The calyx will look normal with one or two hairs sticking out of it, but the hairs will look smaller and thinner than normal. This is a clue that inside the calyx there is a banana or two that you will never see. The banana will wither and die before the seed is ripe. It is unlike real Hermis where the whole calyx will be full of bananas and will burst open and spread pollen. The selfing is pretty common with alot of hybrids. Thats why you get a few seeds when you buy a QP of goood weed!!!
    PEACE!!!!!! stop worryin!!!
  3. Hermie Hermie Hermie.
    Everyone is always talking about hermies. Smokeboi, can we please see a picture of this hermie?
  4. LOL. +rep from me.

    The odds of a hermie are probably lower then natural reproduction. (this includes on the spot delivery by bees and such)

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