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My plants flowering! First time grower! Need review/feedback!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by lusca24, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. I have a plant I sprouted on July 4th, ive been giving it dilluted milk, its in straight dirt. bad soil, need feedback!

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  2. forgot to mention! its a bagseed, it came from bud filled with dark seeds
  3. looks like it's doing decently enough.. harvest time's gonna be right around halloween
  4. whats up with the milk?
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    its something someone tipped me on, I know an old lady who grows her vegetables that way, and by the lookks of it she really knows what shes doing, I've compared my plant with my friend who planted a little before me, my plants far bigger and the stem is much thicker/stronger, and hes actually using some type of soil, not me just rocky shittt soil since I live by hills.
  6. dude the milk is for spraying on the leaves ...to keep the powdery mildew off..not feeding, all ur doing is fucking up the ph in the soil because milk is acidic...so if ur feeding the roots with it STOP
    get sum ferts....
  7. Yea im aware it removes the powdery mildew, I know that. Milk feeds the good bacteria in the soil, it also provides vitamin D and calcium which helps bud formation and strengthen the plant.
  8. I also mix a ratio of 20% Reduced fat milk(the reason for this is it contains less fat which rots and creates a bad smell, however my soil does not stink at all) and 80%H2O
  9. Lusca, I've been growing plants in general for a long time, but this is a 1st for me. It appears so far that it hasn't harmed the plant by feeding it milk. I would consider myself lucky and stop before it does though.I'd look into organic bloom boosters though, and give it a shot of something. It looks really sativa, maybe make some good smoke!!
  10. Im surprised you've never heard anyone giving there plants milk. I was told from an older European lady that milk is good if you mix it with water, it makes the plants grow stronger. I've read an article about a new study that stated milk contains good nutrition for plants.
    I just found this online though, just gives you a brief insight on what it does, check it out
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    Where could I pick up some organic booster? and around how much does it run for? thank

    I also just lst the plant today again, I thought it would be fine since its the 1st week of flower?
  12. fuck it if works do it
  13. i never heard of anyone feeding their plants milk either and theres nothing in the stickys that ive read about doing it, i would just drink it for yourself and buy real plant nutes
  14. the plants are in the ground right? Use fox farm trio its great. milk wont kill them but it wont help them ether
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    Its only one plant, Fox farms trio? how much does it run for, and whats the best ratio I should mix it with water?
  16. II also water my plant every other day, if not everyday since its always about 100 out here
  17. whats with the foil...lol
  18. Fuck it if milk is working for him let him milk the shit out that plant. Just because something works good with your girl don't mean its gonna work for his girl. Let him do his thing.

  19. Thanks bro. Just check out how my plants doing now. its exactly 4 weeks into flower, these pics were taken the other day. It looks like my plants doing wonderfully at 4 weeks its sativa to and the trichs are already looking great, bud formation is looking spot on, well IMO i dont have anything to compare it to. Ive actually been giving it a tea which consists of ashes(to keep ph at the low) grandmas unsulphured robust molasses, and a little milk. i think i must be doing something right, ive seen sativas at 4 weeks into flower with little to no trichs. Ive actually already sampled it, using a torch lighter and my sweet bubbler, let me tell you it was a pretty long lasting energetic high, even though it tasted like shit because it was so green! :hello:
    But thats all just my opinion, how do you think my babbys doing?


    also check out this link http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute...wer-hows-looking-trich-deve-bud-deve-etc.html
  20. [quote name='"knowledge_83"']dude the milk is for spraying on the leaves ...to keep the powdery mildew off..not feeding, all ur doing is fucking up the ph in the soil because milk is acidic...so if ur feeding the roots with it STOP
    get sum ferts....[/quote]

    I'm pretty sure milk is ph neutral. Although I've never heard of anyone watering their plants with milk it seems to be working for him.

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