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    I'm really sad that I didn't take pictures early on... so all these are about 3 weeks old.
    I have one 120w plant bulb, 10 plants.... started with 20 >_< and a 12 volt fan connected to a car battery for ventilation.




    As you can see (maybe) some aren't doing so well which sucks, but hopefully I get some bud out of it.:hello: I can't grow them to tall because I don't have the space and it would be impossible to tend for them outside. Any suggestions?

    That is just sooo cute! :smoking:
  2. I don't think "cute" is quite what you want to go for in a weed plant, unless of course it's like some kind of bonsai tree project. Either way, you're smoking a cactus.
  3. I wasn't going for the bottom picture, it's just really cool that it's that small and flowering.
  4. With 10 plants you'll need a lot more light to get any significant yield.
  5. Well yea, and something to grow it in that's larger than a shotglass...
  6. You're wasting your time man, do some research.

  7. This actually made me lol.....
  8. hes in need of so much info. i wont even start. OP do some research on here and apply it and you will be glad you did.
  9. I'm going to be transplanting them to a bigger pot soon, I simply haven't bought it yet.

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