My plants aren’t growing

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  1. Hello, I’m having some troubles with my plants they are about 1 week and a few days old and for the past 3 - 4 days they have stopped growing (growing extremely minimally, it’s almost unnoticeable) let me give you a few details. I am a first time grower so this is a whole new learning curve for me, I am growing Mazar Auto, being a first time grower I find it difficult to keep a steady temp and humidity, but neither go either too high or too low, I’m not sure if I’m over watering or under watering or watering the correct amount, for the first week I didn’t use any liquid nutrients, but on the second week I have used growplanets nutrients’s recommended amount for the second week, I have heard you that is it not necessary to turn the grow light off for autos however I still turn them off for about 6 hours per day, if anyone could give any advice or help in any way it would be much appreciated. 686F0DF1-3C82-498B-92AD-83EE27826213.jpeg 36449CE8-24A6-4D14-B3B3-659B2C5D6E9F.jpeg 87CB952B-11BD-4A6F-8836-5B239FA65A16.jpeg 485462BD-A1D9-4293-A281-9E5144DD5844.jpeg
  2. What is the medium?
    Looks like a coco/soil mix of some kind.
  3. Yes it’s coco coir

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  4. You should be feeding every time you water.......never give coco plain water.
    It looks very dry and the seedlings look very hungry.
    You would have been better off starting in smaller containers.......maintaining the proper moisture level will be a challenge until the roots develop more.
    I feed daily to run off in veg and twice a day in flower.
    You might consider doing some coco research
    These seedlings are 10 days old since sprouting and were fed every day to run off for a comparison.
    10 days 11-4-21.jpg
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  5. Oh wow ok, how much should I be feeding them since they are behind? And how often do you think, I know these questions aren’t easy to answer but any rough estimate would help out tones
  6. Mick's Coco - K.I.S.S. - Scrog Method
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  7. I don't know what nutes you are using, so I can't tell you how much.........but 1/4 of the recommended amount should be safe.
    I would completely saturate the coco to substantial run off using a mild nute solution pH'd around 6.0.
    I feed daily because I start in smaller pots and the roots fill it up quickly. But yours will be a little trickier. I would water around the perimeter every couple of days........but not to run off yet. Once the roots become established you can feed daily to run off.
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    This is extremely helpful thank you! However I believe I have a rough idea but what exactly does “till run off” mean, just want to make sure I understand completely, thanks
  9. Run off is what comes out the drain should get about 20% run off of what you put in.
    However I've never measured it........I just feed until it starts coming out the bottom.
  10. Awesome, I appreciate the help very much!
  11. its not too late to switch to a soil and forget coco altogether if it is you first grow go get some ffof redo them but soon
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    TOO MUCH LIGHT WILL SLOW GROWTH . Yellowing going on there too much light will cause this .and . To much light will cause a lot of stress .
    At this stage they require min amount of light . Dim that led to 75 % off and 25 % on max. Me personally i turn my about 90 percent down. Im not sure what led you have and you ((((CANT)))) go by the manufactures suggestions there not for plants at your stage .
    You could be slamming the nutrietns hard as shit and they will still be yellow .
  13. Awesome
    Awesome! I have turned the light down to about 20% brightness, do I turn up the light when they get bigger? Thanks for the help!
  14. Very helpful........:rolleyes:
  15. after feeding them to roughly 20% run off and waiting quite a few hours they look quite sad and droopy is this normal? Or has something bad happened?
  16. I made the same mistake first try in coco, don't mess around transplanting them in another soil just go with what you got and learn from it. Do what mickfoster said to do and you should be able to get a harvest at the end. Good luck
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  17. Awesome that’s great to hear, thanks man
  18. For your next try buy some rapid rooter plugs to start your seed in.
    Then place it in a 1 liter air pot for about 3 to 4 weeks then put it in a 3 gallon air pot to finish it off.
    Using these pots you can feed to 20 percent run off even in the 1 liter air pot.
    They veg super fast this way so now you got something to look forward to, your next try. Good luck here pictures of air pots 1 liter 1 gallon and 3 gallon but I don't use the 1 gallon one.

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  19. Thank you very much for the advice! I look forward to my next attempt.
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    Yes . Here you go . Your welcome . How Much PPFD For Indoor Plants In Each Growth Stage.
    All you need to do is to spend 20 or 25 on a lumen meter from amazon ebay whatever . You have all the data you need to set your lights perfectly . Now you will get a lot of people saying you do not need to get a lumen meter . Sure you dont need it if your a seasoned grower . I still use one after growing for 30 plus years its needed 100 percent .
    Now you can do 1500 ppfd with out co2. will it make any difference from 1000 ? I would stay under 1200 . Also the lumen meter will tell you if all your plants are getting enough light. Looking at your grow i already know you need to buy another light to get max yields. And stop buying expensive led. Buy a cheap on any of them that have a quantom board will work just the same .
    One that cost 400 vs 40 bucks as i buy . The 400 will save 50 cents of electricity in a year wow !!!! worth the investment ? And the 400 will be a bit brighter . Want help selecting one ask. I have used a 30 dollar light and pulled 6 ounces with off 100 real watts with a grow journal on here. Hope all of this helps . Have fun and its always more fun to share the smoke .

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