My Plants Are Wilting

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    So Ive Had My Clones 3 Days Now And They Were Perky And Fine And Then About 10 hours into the vegative 18/6 cycle they start drooping down and it gets worse then i shut the light off the still are wilted the whole time and then when i turn the light on they perk up for about 8 to 10 hours and start that drooping all over again. are they just getting use to the soil and light or is that normal this is my first grow so any advice would be highly appreciated:confused:

    Heres Some Pics
  2. What's your watering schedule been like?
  3. it happens... when you transfer to the new home it takes them a little to adjust.. but another thing is you might be overwatering them or underwatering..but clones dont need much water so if youre watering them it might be to much..
  4. The Watering Schedule Has Been Once A Day With Nutrients Every Other Watering. But I Also Got My Clones In 4x4 Rock Wool Which Hold A Crap Load Of Water And When I Do Water I Dont Water Alot Cause Out Of Common Sense It Looks Like There Being Over Watered By The Way They Look
  5. youre good then bro.. just dont feed them any nutes yet... thats proabably why.. they should do fine with just H20.. check my journal, i also started with clones and the transfer of the plant is always the part of the grow that skecthes me out.. it'll take a few days.. but they almost always pull through,, but some do die =( bust most will survive.. i would start feeding them small amounts of veg nutes a week after theyve been in the pots.. thats what i did and they are doing juuust fine... hope this helped you out mang..
  6. u should only water when the top of the soil is dry . poke your finger in.
    and you should water when is still moist at about an inch into it.
    i over watered ine at the start an they wilted .
    you should let them dry out a little before you water and they will look alot healthier imo
  7. hell yeah thank you guys i appreciate it i definitely do put my finger in it to check about an inch, inch and a half down but i think im going to skip one watering and see if it helps or not they say that its better to under water than to over water. the last thing i need is root rot. would it be ok to mix some thrive alive b-1 organic or root 66 with water too help with the roots and the shock? and i also have a 600 watt hps about 2 1/2 to 3 feet away cause i know they were under florescent's and that much light might shock them or stress them out more. im not to sure eventually im going to get the conversion bulb to go from MH To Hps so i can veg with that one and flower with the hps.

    24 HOURS of light.

    Ya don't even Show a pic.
  9. there already transplanted in soil
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    same thing. these two cuts were taken at the same time using identical everything. they were taken from different sides of the mother but one is great, happy, the other very sad...  wtf? j

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