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  1. Hey guys. I am new to growing, and I have my plants under 1 250W cfl light. I am growing in a grow tent. 70 x 70 x 180cm. Anyway, I was checking for how long I should veg for and I saw that my plants seem to be smaller than other peoples plant.. Both of these plants are 40 days old, and they are not as green as other peoples plant. My plants seem to have a bit of brown leaves on them... Can anyone help? Ill post some picks of the plants. One of them is really bushy, and the other one is just growing tall. Can someone please help me find out why the plants are growing slowly? Or if I am just over reacting. You can tell which plant is which, so just refer to them as the tall and the bushy plant.

    So is this a normal growth for a 40 day old plant? Why are there different color leaves..? ANY help is much appreciated.

    And by the way, the strain is AK 47 from ILGM

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  2. looks like beginning stages of potassium problem. transplant to a bigger pot with good soil for cannabis. flush with 1/4 strength nutes until you see it take off again.then gradually bump up ec to the desired rate. over 7 days.GFP

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  3. I don't use chemical nutes. I go organic and buy fertiliser pellets. Mainly because where I live, they import nutes that you add with the water from the US which makes it really expensive.
    And I am skeptical about it being Potassium deficiency. I mixed a bit of wood ash with the soil when I first planted. Wood ash is high on potassium.. And yes, I do end up equalizing the pH of the soil. (6-7)
  4. I'm not a soil grower but your soil doesn't look very good to me, and there doesn't appear to be any perlite for aeration. Roots need oxygen for fast growth. Your slow growth could be attributed to the soil and not enough light. Here are some 42 day old plants for a comparison.
    Flower 2 weeks.JPG
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  5. I agree that the soil doesn't look like it has anything to aid in aeration. What are you using for soil and what is your watering schedule?
  6. Well, I am using general potting soil that I bought from the store. But I have put fertilizer in for extra nutrients. I give about 500ml of water every 7 days. But when I water again, I always make sure to check if the soil is dry or wet up to an inch down
  7. That isn't much water over a course of a week. But they don't look thirsty. So, my suggestion is to transplant into a well aerated soil that can grow cannabis.
  8. @MickFoster said it right..Bad soil and no aeration! Not that I am a model, but this is my second soil grow..(3 Granddaddy Purple and one 00 Kush..Soil is FoxFarm OF + 25% additional perlite..Nutes are Canna Terra Vega and age is 37 days old when this was taken..I am showing the OP only for comparison.
  9. Show off. Lol
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  10. Definitely Need perlite. This is not enough oxygen for the roots.
  11. Do you know if adding an earthworm to the plant will help..? The nearest Hydroponic store to me is a 1 and a half hour drive, and shipping something from the USA is very expensive. I shipped a $20 250W cfl light here, and it ended up costing me $90 in total with shipping, tax and import duties.
    And I cannot find anything locally. So again, will an earthworm in each pot suffice? lol
  12. Not sure about earthworms? Maybe put some irregular shaped pebbles in the soil (Lava rock is good). That should help out:)
  13. Oh, ok. Ill try that. But I was also thinking now, if I left the soil as is, will it end up killing the plant? Or just take a while longer to grow? And I think I know what is contributing to my plants growing slower. When I transplanted them at 2 weeks into a bigger pot (first time transplanting), I kinda damaged like 20% of the root system for both plants. Plus I also had a fungas gnat problem for about a week until I managed to get Gnatrol. It worked within 2 days and they were gone. So I think it is the soil and those other issues that caused my plant to grow slowly.

    Anyway, as you can see in my picture, there is my taller plant that has a large brown tip (oml I am reading that back and it sounds so bad). Anyway, do you know what nutrient is lacking or what is going on there? I keep my humidity at about 50-60% and temps 22-25 degrees C
  14. Not sure if it will kill the plant, but it will surely affect the growth and yield! I would take the shot and carefully transplant her into better soil and a larger pot!

    What country are you in..? Have you checked mail order??
    You also need a gentle breeze (small fan) blowing over her to help dissuade pests too! Also helps strengthen stems..
    Here is a great read for you!
  15. I do have a fan blowing over them. And I live in South Africa. And oh boy. Our postal service is literally the worst in the world. If you choose the first class shipping, you will be lucky if you get it in 3 months. You can Email them as much as you want, they wont answer. These people are always on strike and never work.
    When I ordered my seeds, I had ILGM ship them to me 3 times because we thought it got intercepted. I waited 7 months to get my first seeds! Normally it is meant to take 10-15 days to ship internationally. I am still waiting for the other 2 reshipments ILGM sent me.

    And also, I dont have much space in the tent.. The fan and the two pots currently take up all the space. Bigger pots will force me to take one pot out
  16. Not sure what to say then..except good luck with your grow..:)
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  17. Thanks.
    I have one last question.
    With the bushy plants, there is a ton ofleaves starting to come up by the stem, and they are far too close to each other. Can I remove these small leaves to make the plant better..? I do not want it growing so many stems as it will take up so much area.

    SO what I am asking: Will removing small leaves from the plant, will it damage the plant? I will use a sterilised blade.
  18. If I cut off your fingers will this damage you? I'll use a sterile blade. You're not going to die but it might be hard to eat. It will stress your plant even more. You should try and grow them out.
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  19. You sure? Because it really looks like it is blocking the light for the bottom part, and some leaves are like growing into each other. Apparently it is a thing called Pruning
  20. Tie the top down then. It's called low stress training. IMG_4194.JPG IMG_4193.JPG
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