my plants are not maturing Help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by El Boinko, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I am on my 100th day and my California Orange plants have no blobs on the end of their trichs. Also I have major claw. This is my first grow. How much longer should I wait? I am using DWC under a 600 watt HPS 12/12.
  2. 100th day of flower?
  3. And pics would help
  4. Also how long into flower are you? Thats your total days minus your days in 18/6.
  5. no 100 days totally. USB microscope is on order should be here any day now for pics.
  6. I don't really know exactly but approximately day 60.
  7. Day 60 of flower?
  8. If you've done 100 days of 12on 12off, and all pistils are retracted into the buds/no longer white, I would say chop her.
  9. Obstar
    What does your question mean?
  10. sorry I meant 365daysofGrow
    is 60 too long or too short?
  11. I was under the impression that 100 days was the outside time for a total grow. Is this incorrect?
  12. Well the veg time is the time that could be a day to a year. Depends on how big you want a plant. But flowering time usually is around 55 to 60 for indica and around 70 for a sativa. Just figure out how many day's you've had her on the 12/12 schedule
  13. Then I can help you more:)
  14. this is definitely a sativa. On another site I read where sativas can take up to 177 days TO MATURE.

    is there anyway to know when I am supposed start the flushing cycle?
  15. You want to start the flushing cycle about 2 weeks before you chop them, so whenever you see the trichomes starting to change from cloudy to amber would be about the right time, give or take a week.
  16. think i am in day 60 of 12/12. Sorry for all of the different posts

  17. Finally figured out why I have claw. Fert stress. My ppm is up to around 1600. pH is 7.0. Will adjust ASAP. Been adding fresh fert to buckets without measuring existing ppm and pH. Live and learn.

    As for not maturing I am just being impatient. FLOWERING is what I was confusing with total time planted. My trichs are finally getting cloudy. Amber soon I hope.
    Thanks everyone for all of your help.
    Toke up and carry on.
    El Boinko
  18. All of this forum crawling could be solved with one pic

  19. yeah, if you used christmas lights

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