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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by joeweed, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. okay okay i planted a couple of seeds in my yard and then i a couple of weeks pass by and bam! they spourted. but when they sprouted the plants are really close together. thier just growing in plie together. what do i need to do? Do i need to transplant them ?
  2. you planted them in your yard?

    if so i hope that no-one can get into or even see your yard!

    you will need a bit of space for them....foot or 2 i'd guess but i grow indoors......."planted them in the yard, braver man than me!"....good luck.....Peace out...Sid
  3. What is your weather like? any temps 40F and below will kill them off....however you will need to transplant them at least 3' between plants ok.
    good luck
  4. yeah i planted them in my front yard thinking nothing will happen then thier just their. The plants are like a couple centimeteres apart. How do i transplant them? jus take em out of the ground with tweezers or what? I live in AZ temps are around like 50-60 maybe 70 degrees at night. should i transplant them to a different spot or should i grow indoors. Im an amature when it comes to this stuff i hope someone can help me.
  5. to transplant, firstly let them grow a little more, 4th internode will do, then carefully dig them up, allowing plenty of room around them so as not to damage the roots, dig down at least 8"-12", if you have to seperate them, be careful ok, then dig new holes and line with a good potting compost, place them in the "new" location and give them a good watering to bed them in ok. Just the same as you would for say tomato plants.
    good luck
  6. If people aren't a problem, leave them where they are. As the plants grow, you can lean them away from each other. One or both may be males so the crowding solves itself when a boy shows his colors.

    Transplanting shock will often do more damage than transplanting is worth.


    Good luck!
  7. holy shit dude theyre growing in your front yard? i think you should find some way to cover them up before a cop drives by or you probably should move them to your back yard or possibly somebody elses, some old lady somewhere i guess would work good if shes too old to be doing yardwork anyway.or an empty house like i did. i would say theyre coming along nicely.
  8. man mine are in the back yard but i wouldnt have the balls or supidity to put themn in front unless i was dumb or no one livede around or came around lol good luck man

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