My Plants Are Cloning Themselves Via Roots?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by haloman247, Sep 15, 2014.

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    I got a sativa clone from my buddy and have her in the budding state atm. When I got her I put it in fresh soil, never had a male or seeds anywhere near it. About 2 weeks in to budding I noticed another cannabis sprout. Ive read about a phenomenon where the root of a plant decides to grow towards the surface and sprout instead of following the rest of the roots. I dug up this sprout and confirmed it was grown fully out of an attached root to the main plant. I put this new sprout in to another pot by itself , again in new, untouched fresh soil. This sprout has turned roughly 2 months today and is thriving 10x more than its original. But thats not the point, now out of this sprout I separated, anoooooother sprout has begun to emerge from the soil, again fully grown out from the roots of its predecessor. I now have 3 plants instead of 3. Whats goin on maaan? 
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  3. Radical that sounds kinda cool.

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  4. I'm in for pictures. This would be amazing to have.
  5. Would love to see some pics of this!!!! Sounds pretty cool!!!
  6. Plants them everywhere!
  7. I will definitely grab a picture with the roots still in tact once the new sprout is mature enough to transfer.

    I know that this isnt unheard of, but I heard of the chances of it happenening once are already one in a million, so to have it happen twice simultaneously, there's gotta be something more behind it, mutated genetics or sooomething.
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  9. Pics or it didn't happen

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  10. ill be back in a couple weeks with pictures once the spout is mature enough to transfer

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