My plants are at a standstill on their growth.

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  1. I am growing 2 Critical Thunder feminized autoflowers. They sprouted and grew their cotyledons and their first set of true leaves. But the first set of true leaves are still quite small and I don't see any new set of leaves forming and it has been like this for about 3-4 days now. I am making sure to water them when the soil is dry. My setup is in a 19x8x17 PC grow box. I currently have a 26 Watt 6400K 1600 Lumen CFL in it. PH of my water is 6.2. My best guess is I need more light so I bought a 60 Watt 3200K (Couldn't find Lumens) CFL that will be here tomorrow that I will add. You think it is the lack of light or would there be something else?

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  2. Autos usually start in the containers they finish in....large. The first thing a seedling does when introduced to soil is build a root system. The more soil it has to do this in, the longer it takes. While it's setting roots, you get very little growth or water use. Leave the plant alone totally under lighting till container is feather light on lifting it....which can take some serious time depending on container size. Stop watering it or you will get root rot. They hate roots sitting in wet soil constantly. Never water till plant is dry always before watering. No feeds till plant has matured and used most of mutes naturally in soil. Read up on taking care of the plant. Info is your friend!
  3. 3 days is a standstill? Are you sure you're patient enough to grow? :O

    Let the root system form.. that's why you're not seeing much growth above ground.

    More light would help too :thumbsup:

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