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  1. The thing I got my plants in is about 22 inches deep. Isn't that deep enough for my plants? I know I need to move them farther apart, should I do that now? I got tol by someone to leave them alone and just pull the males out once my females flower. If I pull the males that will leave me just the 3 females.

    Then on the other side I have six more plants on the other side and they are more spaced than these were..

    If you think I could be successful in transplant I'll do that.

    I put my home made fertilizer on last week and they really have begun to shot out the secondary leaves and they are really filling out.


  2. ok, so u want to have ur plants in different pots, 22 inches is plenty, grow in the ground if u can, if grown together they'll become rootbound and stunt growth, anything else?
  3. Allie, pull the males out NOW, waiting serves no purpose. And put them in as large a container as you can, disturbing the roots as little as possible. Just one per container.
  4. Fly

    I went and pulled the males.Now that I have pulled the males that my females from having seeds? Or what is the value of doing that? Does the male produce or make the females produce differently with the male remaining in tact and not distrubed?

    I have transplanted them one in each area. The are about 4 foot apart and they have 22 inches of compost deep, then they have a neve ending bottom after that. Goes this imprcve the yeild by making sure the roots don't get tangled stunting their growth?

    Now when I trans planted I used my fertilizer for the first time. I used an organic fert made out of animal feeces. Horse, cow, and rabbit. It has been sitting for anout 10 to 14 days. I diluted a pint to a gallon of water. See what that does for them.
  5. Thought I just saw that one???

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