My Plants And I.. Need Help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by markatwashingto, Jun 8, 2009.

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    So, A few months ago I put a Cannabis Seed into a pot, and set the pot near a window in my house. Needless to say the plant did grow, but due to my Girlfriend ( Which I No Longer Have :D ) The plant had to be killed.

    Now I have a very *redneck* growth room setup..

    The room is about 6 feet wide, 7 feet tall, and 7 feet long...

    1 Window and 1 Closest...

    I plan over the summer to clean this room and start my own * grow room *

    I need some help with Everything.

    Most of all I need to know a good light or 2 for this room that I can suspend from the ceiling.

    I hope to grow between 15 and 20 plants in this room.

    * I have never grown a plant to harvest stage *

    I have never made any modifications to the plants I have now besides plucking the first 2 leaves off..

    My Plants Come About 14 inches out of the dirt each ( There are 2 Plants )

    There is about 8 inches of stem from my lack of expertise on them..

    And 6 Inches Of Leaves.

    I imagine in the next few weeks they will grow buds, and then I get my harvest! :smoking:

    Anyway, Could You kind folk please help me out.. With Light Recommendation and any other suggestions...

    ( I was thinking about ordering these for my future setup )

    The Grasscity Cana Grow Box - 25 Seeds Included - Grow Kits

    There is a theromstat in this room also.

    I could get a small fan and have it blow around the room with maybe a Tiny crack in the window for fresh air in and out..

    I also hear that plants like to be * smoked with *

    so anytime I have a few extra minutes I blow them my shotguns :)

    Thanks For All The Help.
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    Both Of My Plants Have been together there whole lives, they have not done anything yet except make leaves.

    Is it too late for them? or could they be females.

    * Update A Late Bloomer? I planted 3 seeds many many weeks ago.

    2 of them took off real quick and made themselves what they are right now, and now the third has finally came alive?

    after a extremely long dormant stage another seedling has made himself/ (HOPEFULLY) Herself Visible..

    I believe I will salvage this one now and transplant him into a plastic cup for now.

    The Plant is just a sproutling so I believe letting it out during the warm duration of the day is a good idea, and bringing it back in at night.

    I will water it when I wake up and take it outside.
  3. My advice to you would be to get your setup sorted out before you start growing. You need to arrange a nice environment for your (hopefully) girls.

    Read the stickies in Absolute Beginners and Indoor Growing. They will tell you everything you need to know. If you have questions once you've absorbed all the info in those, then we are here to help. :)

    Oh, and don't make your plants passive smoke. ;) Oh and don't pluck the leaves off! :)

  4. Yeah - Ditch the Bitch !!!!
  5. Also if you want to grow that many plants i would suggest taking a few plants (3-5) through the full cycle first.

    There are quite a few you NEED to know before you start a large crop.

    1) Sexing
    2) how stress efects your plants
    3) When to water and how much
    4) when to give nutrients and how much
    5) whats temps your plants like
    6) lighting schedules
    7) the odor of a flowering plant and how to mask it
    8) Topping / Fimming ( very easy )
    9) Obviuosly as you asked lighting, how much and where to put it.
    10) harvesting !

    with that i would def say check all the stickies in the absolute begginners section, then read through the general indoor growing section.

    There are a lot of good growers here with some sound advice but by no means should you take all your advice from 1 person as each apparatus or grow room is different. in the end i found the best thing you can do for yourself is... TRY IT !

    Here is a small guide i have compiled from info i found and lots of trial and error.

    I guess it is more like notes than anything else but it will get you on the right track and give you some topics to research for sure.

    This is more for the SOG ( sea of Green ) style and produces many smaller bushier plants which is perfect for stealth grows or people with limited space.

    You have a whole room to work with so depending on budget you want to look at Metal Halide lights for vegging and High Pressure Sodium for flowering.

    For soil,
    -> Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest mixed with perlite (4 parts soil to 1 part perlite).

    Nutrients ( use at 1/2 the reccommended dosage for all nutes )

    -> Fox Farm’s Grow Big (6-4-4) during vegetative growth and

    -> Fox Farm’s Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) for flowering.

    Dont forget to *TOP* after the 3rd or 4th leaf set.

    CFLS and Floros need to be VERY VERY close to plants to prevent stretching ( within 2")

    CFL'S ( dont use anything under 19W actual )
    -> Soft White (color temperature 2700k) - Flowering
    -> Daylight (color temperature 6500k) - Vegatative
    --> This applies to tubes too. Around 6500k for veg, around 2700k for flower.

    Keep strong fan on the plants the whole time during VEG to make them short and bushy

    *1-2 weeks in VEG MAX*
    *flowering can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks*

    -> drying should be between 5-10 days, or when the stem snaps/crackles vs bending.
    -> temps 60F-75F
    -> Humidity 30-40%,
    --> cooler temps will let them dry slower & will give you tighter/denser buds
    vs fluffy/airy buds
    ---> curing can take up to 8 weeks but good results can be had in 2 weeks.
  6. 1 Of My Plants Did End Up Dieing From My Stupid Dog Knocking My Light Off The Wall And Breaking It :eek:.

    Anyway The Other Plant Is Actually Looking Very Healthy and Starting To Bush Out, Looks Like A Keeper!.

    I also sprouted another seed today.

    I hope to get a digital camera soon, I will upload pictures when I do.

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