my plants and a few questions.

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  1. I have a rather small grow area which has about 4000 lumens per sq/ft from flourescent. The pots are made from those 12 LITRE plastic gas cans. I drilled the bottoms for drainage.
    All plants are given continuous light. I'll be switching to 12/12 lights in about 3 weeks. and allow 6 to 8 weeks for flowering. I'm excited to see what 1 month of vegging versus 2 months of vegging with yield. That is if atleast one of the one month old plants turns out female. That'd be some bad luck if they were both male.

    the first plant is 5 weeks old. Can anyone tell the sex??

    the next plants is 4 weeks old. and I think I see a ball there but the plants are still under 24/7 lights... can anyone tell?

    Last two pics show my setup before and have turning the pots and doing a bit of trimming of dead bottom leaves.

    I've been turning the containers 1-2 times a weeks. Should I continue doing this now and also during the flowering period?

    Oh and also. do my plants look healthy? Strain is afghan.

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  2. You can't tell yet. Just don't worry until u start to see tiny grape-like balls. Good luck.
  3. Your plants are growing like a weed. :devious: Looking good! I can't tell the gender definitively. I'm pretty timid when it comes to sex LOL

    I just decided that one of my plants was male and gave him the ol' chop...Sure was hard.

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