my plants after moving them from a small cup to pots

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cliff999, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. these are my plants that i have been growing for about a week that i moved from a lil cup to these pots doesnt seem like they have been growing very much
  2. tight pictures! oh wait.....there arent any!


  3. give the kid[or offf] a break.[​IMG]

  4. aslong as they still look healthy then a doubt u have a orob.

    when u transplant a plant it normaly takes a few days for it to get used to its new home and as the roots now have more space that they need ur plants r prob spending time growing more roots and not leaf.

    ur plants r growing still, u just cant see it thats all, give them a week to settle in and put roots down then u shud c a good growth spurt from them and good growth till they need potting up again.

    plants allways lose a few days growth when u pot them up, get them into the pot ther gonna finish in as soon as u can, even start the seed it that pot.
  5. thanx barnaby....thats what i meant to say. but for some odd reason it came out as that remark as shown above!

    Sorry cliff...didnt mean to be such a hardass

  6. haha its ok dude and sorry i cant figure out how to put the pics up i have some. i have another Q can the roots hit each other i heard that if they hit they become males??!!

  7. thats bullshit.

    u dont want ur plants potbound tho. make sure the pot u put them is is big enough to finish the grow in.
  8. isnt it recommended that only one plant per pot? because if you had to transplant, and the roots are all intangled with each other, you could have a very bad situation on your hands!

    and cliff- whoever told you that was definatly smoking something funny...maybe like tree bark or somethin...who knows?! but just dont listen to anyone until you confirm it on the forum!! (not that i am an expert....because belieeeeeeve me, im not!! but everyone else here is!!)

  9. haha ight thanks dude
  10. how do u put up pics i just took brand new ones?
  11. you click that little browse button next to attach file, then search for your picture. easy as that!

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  12. pic

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  13. pic 2!!

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  14. pic 3

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  15. Your plant looks healthy.......but.

    Its thin as a toothpick. Do you have enough light? Or are you close enough to your light?

    I would burry your stem up to the bottom node for support.

    Im so glad i got cloning down and don't deal with those sensitive little plants anylonger. :)
  16. how many of those little buggers you got there? you do realize when you have to transplant them into bigger pots...its going to be a biatch!!!!

    I would look into maybe putting your lights wayyyyyyyy lower. And also, start transplanting into some bigger pots.

    The greenery looks good tho, but if you were to transplant, and lower the lights,assuming you have enough lightage, your stalks would be beefier, thus giving you a good platform to grow buds on!!
    So how many watts ARE you using??

  17. ok thanks it is close to the light i dont know why it is so thin but i will put more soil around it to support it thanks
  18. ok it is 150 watts and here is a pick of the set up

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  19. ok, ill admit stupid. what kinda bulb is that?
  20. its the wrong kind.
    ok m8 u have made a few little mistakes, dont worry tho.

    1, bin that fuckin light. its way WAY to hot 4 ur plants. get some fluros in ther to keep ur plants alive or put them in sunlight, just bin the light.

    2, 1 seed per pot plz. id keep a few of the small 1s that aint bin cooked by that light in the good pots and put the others in something else. (the bin? just jokin) back in cups will do till u get more pots, a cup will take a plant till its 3rd or 4th set of leaves. u dont need to pot up till the cup has a lot of roots poking out the bottom.

    if u put more than 1 plant in a pot then it will croud them and yes ur thick m8 was right that cud, and prob will make them male! not cus of the roots touching but becuse they r cramped up.

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