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  1. looks like a male of some of the schwaggiest schwag you can find
  2. wer do u see balls guy
  3. that aint no male if's a female at the start of flower

    good luck with ur grow
  4. for got to ask has she had any nutes yet?
  5. yea its a female alright. i was just saying it looked male because of how spindly and stretchy it is, thats all. but at least its budding. should give some nutes to strengthen her up or those stems wont hold any heavy weight though
  6. Its already started flowering and its tiny / malnourished.

    If you can keep it alive through harvest you might get a few bowls off of it.
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    very small amounts of mg and something called zuber water worm castings and just started using coco not sure if i will continue keep in mind it did get ranover by a lawn more it was over 2 feet tall im actually really surprised it was still alive theirs 8 tops on it tho so i think its genna be alright
  8. good luck! it will for sure give you a 'rusty bong hit' hehe. jk :D
  9. lol @ the lawnmower topping method:smoke: your shiz looks fine haterz get gone!

  10. lol, The newest trend. Lawnmower topping.:D;)
  11. just for the record, i am not hatin lol. this plant could turn out to be some kill if ya give it the right treatment. im stayin tuned to see what happens. good luck

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