My plant won't Grow Leaves!!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tainted_Purity, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. You now the stage in your plants life were it has just sprouted its first two leaves (except for those weird rounded ones it starts off with), well, my plant is almost 2" tall, and it only has the two leaves it starts off with (the rounded ones) and another two coming out of the top. This may me normal, but for the size it is now, shouldn't it be growing more leaves? It seems to be putting all of its energy into growing upwards, and not into making leaves.
  2. Imperialgodfly is talking shit!

    :p LOL! Just kidding!

    Actually, the light thing sounds right. The light source is probably too far away and the plant is stretching to get what it needs. Of course, your plant is still a baby. 2 inches is still a young one. Be patient. It's like waiting for a pot of water to boil...

    (Watch everyone reply and say that I'm talking shit! LOL! I blame Imperial!)
  3. HIGH All, come on people...stop talking shit ok!!!

    *LOL* j/k too!!!

    Yes you both are right on the money.
  4. I used to have the lights 1 foot away, now I have put them 2" away, will this help.
  5. HIGH All, yes it will and it might be time to think of transplanting. Forgot to ask what type of light your useing.
  6. The pots I have are the biggest I can use for the space I have (6"x6", about 0.5 gallons) so I can't transplant. I only want to grow a plant about 1' high, so i don't need to worry about transplanting.

  7. good advice.
    there mite also be a heat thing going on.
    to hot is another cause of streach.
    if thats the case then venting is needed befour dropping the light.

  8. if they are fluros then yes.
    if its a hps then im guessing your plants are cooked by now.

  9. pots are small and keeping a plant to 1' is going to take a lot of skill.
    growing from clone and flowering as soon as they are rooted is the plan i would use but if cloning isnt a plan for you then you can try growin from day 1 on 12/12
    it works with some strains but i cant say for sure if it works with all.
    when you start a seed on 12/12 the seed will grow veg untill its big enough to flower then go into flower.
    this will give you the smallest plant posable by normal means.
  10. so are you sure that going into 12/12 will not kill my plant. And by the way, Misty is a mostly indica plant, and apart from lowrider, it is one of the shortest strains, with a MAX hight of 2'6".
  11. are u useing the correct lights.... make sure the lights are flourencents, and not homen nomarl bulbs (white sotf)....latezzz..

  12. it wont kill it.
    if you want to try it and you are worred about it then veg it untill you are happy with it then cut it short and flower it.
    the result will be about the same but it will take a lot longer to do.
    a plant that only grows that big and with it in a little pot you could veg longer.
    also i would like to say (covering my ass) that i do think you will have problems with the pot that small.
    this will hold back yeald.
    can you not find a square pot that will fit in the room you have but give the roots more space?
    find something plastic you can cut about and drill a few holes in the bottom.
    worth doing

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