My Plant was Under watered!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Robbie714, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Hello GC!!! I have been seeing wilted leaves and drying out, The last couple days. So I watered her last night after lights on! Then I checked 3 hours after watering, she was coming back with hardly any dried leaves or wilted leaves! Should I cut just the rotted parts off the leaves?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] thanks GC!!!

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  2. I don't think it matters, but old damage will remain regardless. I would take them off. I hope this helps
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  3. Thanks OG!!!

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  4. The leaves are dying, will continue to die and fall off. It's OK if you want to pinch the ones that are obviously dying off. While in veg, you can trim, prune, whatever. They're hardy as heck and can take it without any issues usually. However, once you get into the flowering cycle, it's risky to cut too much off your plant for fear of causing it to hermie due to stress. My hubs hermied a whole room full once because he read somewhere that defoliating during flower increases bud size and production....NOT!!! LOL The only thing it did was make seeds. LOL Lesson learned. Judge whether your plants need water or not by picking up the container they're growing in and feeling the weight. If it feels light like it did when you first loaded it with fresh dry soil, it's definitely time to water. If it's weighty, then it's not. Understanding how and when to water is a big hurdle for most new growers. The plants do not like their roots sitting in constant moisture and the plant requires defined wet/dry cycles to do best. You water and then let the plant dry out 80-90% before you water again for best results. Good luck! TWW
  5. TWW thanks! I haven't been watering it at all since 2/27 when I had to flush her cause of Nitrogen toxicity. Then she was doing good. But I only watered her 2 times since 2/27 and the 2nd time was last night. After watering her she was Good or should I say looking better. So I'm just gonna cut the rotted parts off the leaves. But just don't cut to much off gotcha. 714

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  6. You haven't watered since 2/27, but you've watered twice since 2/27? It sounds to me as if you need to keep a grow notebook around, or at least a spreadsheet of water and feed times. Just for your own benefit. Jmo no offense intended.
  7. I'm sorry I do have one. What I meant to say is since I flushed it on 2/27 I watered 2 times once on 3/10 and the 2nd was 3/16!

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