My plant on may 25, pics!

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  1. here it is,
    this is my first grow so can anyone tell me when ill be able to sex this bad..girl?

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  2. lookin good so far but you have a long way to go. you can sex the thing when it shows some balls or pistils
  3. thats exactly how for along my plants are as well man, good luck
  4. Mate maybe im wrong and i realy do hope i am but under your leaf looks like there are Insect eggs, or is that just Mud?

    There looking good mate keep it up :)
  5. just mud, have no fear!

  6. WRONG!!!

    Wait until it's vegged out more and cover one branch with opaque plastic for ten days or so and the branch will show signs of sex.:)
  7. Thats the Noob way to sex.

    Learn to Sex with Preflowers at sexual maturity like the Pro's do.

    Its faster then forcing a branch to flower.
  8. Xare please explaine the method you mentioned.
  9. Well, cannabis shows preflowers where the node meets the stem.

    They are tiny at first but if you have good eyes or an aid you can sex the plant pretty early.

    Only when the plant has reached sexual maturity will the plant start to grow preflowers, then it will grow alternating branches. A sign of full maturity.

    If you have a plant with branches large enough to "force flower" I can Sex it.

    1 and 1/2 - 2 months from seed and you can tell Sex by looking at preflowers.
  10. Thanks man thanks very helpful for me.

  11. This is not a useful method. Read my link on sexing.
  12. Actually your,


    this is outdoor buddy, you can tell a sex by preflowers with a trained eye. If your a noob then you can take a cutting and sex it.
  13. im a noob, will ibe able to sex my plants without a magnifying glass?
    or a strong one atleast, i think mine is 4x
  14. Pathetic.

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