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  1. Hello fellow tokers here is my plant i will be posting daily pics of it it would be very helpful for growing info and stuff like tht here is some back ground on it i have been growing it for about 2 weeks on my window sill the light cycle out side is about 18/6 when it gets to tall where it cant be in my house it will go into the woods it is indica (i think)


  2. The little Ziplock container isnt exactly what I would use for starting a plant. I use that same type of cup to germinate seeds in the cupboard but then plant them in small plastic Solo cups with soil made for seedlings. Do you have drain holes in the bottom of your plants cup? AS for light a single 23 watt daylight CFL would do alot more for it then light from a window sill.

  3. I dont have a holes in in should i just put some in a cup n the plant in the cup to
    and how would i set the cfl up what dose it need
  4. 1. what is that soil, just some mud you got in your backyard?

    2. it looks absolutely soaked, you need drainage holes in your containers.

    3. its stretching like a crazy, get the light closer to the plant.

    .... i see many many things wrong with this grow already.

  5. It is Scoot profesional grow soil i fixed all tht stuff now
    i changed daily pic to end of the week so every friday

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