My plant looks very retarded and grows slow...? PICS

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    I fixed the heat stress I was having a few days ago, and she was very happy I did. Anyway this is a Red Diesel feminized plant. She's even starting to smell skunky, pretty fucking excited about that, because it's showing she's making progress. But ever since the heat stress she's been growing very very VERY condensed, is this normal for this strain? The branches won't branch out very far it's like a little bush, also growing fairly slow (I'm on week 3...).

    She seems retarded though because she's been growing lopsided since recovering from heat stress - the plant itself is lopsided at like a 45 degree angle and the stems at like a 70 degree angle. It just looks messed up and not normal. The leaves are also growing at different paces and some go up and some go down.

    Oh... the only important information really is that I have 4 26w 6500k CFL's (1 to 4 inches away from the plant), use distilled water, my PH level is correct, and no nutes yet. The pot is 2 gallon, and I water every 3-5 days.

    I guess mainly what I'm trying to ask is that will the plant always be like this or will the branches stretch out more and the plant straighten itself out, and is it necessary for me to try to stretch them myself somehow?

    Or maybe none of that shit matters I dunno. HELP?

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  2. theres not much you can do just let it grow it could be a good thing. are your leaves turning yellow brown? thats the only real problem youve got it seems

  3. As said above, it recovered from heat stress. I had to move it to a larger area combined with a fan.
  4. lol that does look funny, i guess flushing the soil is all i can think of, mj isn't as weak of a plant as people make it out to be, im sure u'll be fine once u fix the yellowing

  5. I can't fix it... IT'S BURNT!
  6. that pot is too big for a seedling, i would let the soil almost completely dry out and see what happens;)
  7. Hahahah im not going to lie,that plant does look pretty retarded,even my plant looks better than that.
  8. looks cool to me
  9. the soil looks crappy and hard.
    your roots aint spreading out too well because of the soil.
    the plant looks like a mini palm tree lol.
    weirdest shit ever.
    try to transplant into better more fluffy soil
  10. you say no nutes yet ? the lower leaves are turning brown/yellow, maybe not enough nutes. Are you using a well draining soil like promix . If theres not enough nutes the plant will use the stored nitrogen from the lower leaves for the new growth on top, hence the lower leaves dying.
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    wow. where do i start. oaksterdam grad here. maybe i can help.first off dont use distilled water. it is lacking the proper salts that are found in naturally occuring water. get bottled water like arrowhead or any thing. i would suggest getting a water meter to test the ppm of the water. or take it to a pool shop and tell them it s your tap water and they will analize it. you need a range of 100 to 160 ppm. this will contain the salts like calcium and magnesium that the plant needs. also no fert is need at all until week three. the seed itself have enough food for it until then. and if you use happy frog or ocean forest by fox farm it will have the right ph of 6.5 if you use it with water balanced at 6.5 as well. your soil looks very hard and dry. not root friendly. and will feed the plant al the way to flower at 4 to 6 weeks depending on the strain. also stay away from feminized seed. all kinds of risk there. funky genetics, hermi increased chances. just no good. also a mj plant should have no smell except for a slight tomato vine smell until it produces resin when flowering. the resin is what smells.

  12. one of my plants that was growing fast smelled like bud and it had no buds
  13. You need some way better soil man, The soil looks terrible and it's probably causing the plant to not get the proper nutrients, etc.

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