my plant looks like major shit.

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  1. so i went to check on my plant after two weeks of not due to continuous rain, and this mess is what i found when i got there :(. i'm assuming it's bugs because of the holes. i did use a homemade organic repel last time i was there, but it obviously wasn't effective enough. is there anything i can do to salvage it, or is it too late :(? it's prettttty bad i must say.

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  2. I would like to find an answer to this question because my plants are starting to get eaten by what I think are spider mites
  3. by the way, i used neem oil in my pesticide mixture. i was told this was a good idea but now that i'm doing some more detailed research people are saying it could burn the plants...pffffff awesome
  4. i'm assuming mine are by actual spiders, but i'm not too sure. i don't know much about it or if they'll eat it, but i found a couple spider webs growing on my ghetto-rigged stick "fence" to keep the animals out. are the spiders the culprits, or are they preventing bugs from getting to my plant?

    i didn't knock down their webs when i went because i figured they're probably preventing bugs, but should i go back and do so?
  5. i cant really tell for sure.... but it looks like nutrients burn + some parasites(maybe slugs and aphids)

    id try to water it with fresh water, and spray with a neemoil+unperfumed soap+garlic+pepper or cinnamon solution (there's loads of organic repellent solution recipes on GC, search it!) make sure to spary under the leaves aswell. and wrap some thin foil tightly around the bottom of your stalk, that'll ill stop aphids from climbing up(change regurlarly, after a couple of rainfalls) and put a copper wire ring on the ground around the stalk, that'll stop slugs from climbing up (also change regurlarly)

    and u should remove all that thin foil around your girl.... thats is EXTREMELY noticable from the air.
  6. i haven't used any nutes yet, so can't be a nute burn. like i said, i used a neem oil mixture for a pesticide and now i'm hearing this could cause burning. although i'm not sure about that.

    the tin foil isn't a big deal, my spots very well hidden in the middle of the woods, and not noticeable from an aerial view (i climbed a tree to make sure) --- the trees above the plant allow enough sunlight in but also enough brush to hide :) thanks for the tip though.
  7. I think its snails.

    snails eat like that. go out early morning after a rainy night. and see if its snails.

  8. thanks man, i'll give it a look. i'm not sure though, because there's a lot of holes close to the top and the leaves aren't very sturdy to support much weight. it could be though, and since i'm not sure i'll make sure to check it out.
  9. looks better than mine! my main problem is slugs. But other then that, ohio has been pretty good this year.
  10. first off looks like it needs some nitrogen pretty bad. not sure where you live but see if you can find a product called seven dust and sprinkle it all over your plant. should help with the pest. as long as there is new growth your plant should live but the damage will slow it down a bit. good luck
  11. Spiders are the good guys, they eat damaging insects. Along with praying mantis and ladybugs.
  12. I have toads and lady bugs in the garden. I know lb"s are good but how about toads? Thanks
  13. Argggh, be thy damn aphids will have ya! ( that was my pirate voice)
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    Naaa, you got it all wrong. It's not aphids, not spider, not nutrient burn, not neem oil burn. Neem oil is pretty harmless. Your plants been being chomped by grasshoppers. I had the same issue last season. Little fuckers love to hang out on the big fans and munch away, resulting in holes and torn corners. Look for them when you're walking up to your site, little bastards will go flingin everywhere when they see you...i never really solved the problem though..they're real tough to kill. Capcasin pepper seemed to be the only thing that worked, though not perfectly. Good luck to you

    P.S. The plant actually looks pretty fine. Start to use a light fertilizer..unless you have a rich soil mixture..keep with the grasshopper hunt, and you should be fine. I've seen much worse looking plants
  15. it could be worse.. atleast you dont have herpies
  16. ditch the tinfoil, not only is it making your grow look unnatural, but its not going to do you any good. also i like that little fence you got goin there, that is some impressive craftsmanship :smoking:
  17. Roll up the tin foil like a snake and put it around them, if you're using it to keep snails out. It looks like they could be getting in.
  18. the tinfoils to give it some extra sunlight, since there's somewhat of a canopy above my grow. although it does get direct sunlight most of the daylight hours, however i feel it's best off if it gets a little extra. i was having some problems with it early on where it wasn't getting quite enough sun, and this seems to have solved it. as for how it looks, i don't care, i'm the only one who sees it other than when i post some pics on here for help. and it's hidden from both aerial view and from plain sight very, very well, so i'm not worried about any unwanted visitors.

    haven't noticed any grasshoppers ever. that's the weird thing, i barely ever see any bugs around the area. other than "pillbugs," potato bugs, whatever you want to call them. are these harmful?
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    Coming from Ohioan, it look/sound like you're growing in forest with no direct sunlight. Your plant is growing badly because you're growing it in straight-up clay and it's being eaten by slugs.

    That tin foil can be spotted at least 200 yards across the forest.
  20. those are 100% slug holes, look under the leafs and check the plant over carefully, then strip a cord of somesort and use the copper and lightly wrap the stem that will rebel any slugs

    other than that good luck

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