my plant is shrivling up!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ludwigdbasspro, May 6, 2006.

  1. i have 4 baby plants..... the first one that came up was very healthy i fanned it to make it strong it was barely starting to get its second set of leaves after it shot up from the dicots about an inch the 2 fan leaves started shrivling and the other 2 that barely started to grow stopped growing it looks really drie and dead but i spray it twice a day with a mister bottle and the other 3 came up a week later and are really healthy except 1 it seems to have streatched extra and im going to have to add dirt to support the stem.....

    my question is..... whats wrong with my shrivled up plant..... and will it survive? and how can i fix it?:confused: :smoking:
  2. Not enough water? thats what it sounds like. 2 sprays from a spray bottle isn't enough.I spray the soil untill the dirt doesn't "drink" it right away.
  3. oh and what kind of light do you have on them?
  4. i need more information

    do you have lights on your plant? if not you need to get sopme fluoros, HPS, or MH on them asap if you want them to live.
    you also may be overwatering them, that is a big problem with first time growers
  5. he only sprays it twice aday with a water bottle imo thats not enough.depending on how much it sprays.
  6. definitly not enough water. you need to SATURATE (1 inch of water ONTOP of the surface and allow it to drain through the pot and out the drain holes) AT LEAST every other day in the vegitative state!

    Also, if you are running a MH or HPS, you seriously need to look into proper ventilation.. i always stick with cool bulbs (Floros and CFLs) as i do stealth ops and in close quarters with the plants, i do not need that excessive heat. How often is it before the soil is dry looking after you water... if it is within the same day as is most certainly a heat issue!

    Give me some more info on the setup and i will do my best to help you out!

  7. i spray the plant 2 times a day with a mister bottle and i spray the bottom of the stem at the soil 3 times a day and about 1/2 cup a day roughly..... its being lit by the sun i have it on a counter next to an open window.... all 4 are next to eachother and 3 healthy 1 shrivled up all get same everything
  8. Sorry i cant help you if i cant see pictures of it.if you can please post them.
  9. tell us about your lights man. do you have nutes in your soil? if you are already feeding them that is the problem. if you have a huge light on them and it is pretty close that could be your probem.

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