My Plant Is Ready For Flowering?;]

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by crazyheaD, May 15, 2006.

  1. Using 250 HPS,
    SHULTZ Ferts
    Temp is 26-28c
    ventilation from PC cooler
    now is the first day when i`m turning my lamp 18\6
    4 days was on 20\4

    1month and 3 for my plants

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  2. i`ll will keep the light 18\6 for one week or for 1,5 week :D then 12\12.
  3. Doesnt look too bad... lol this your first grow?
  4. lookin good playboy im on week two myself going on 18/6 as soon as I get the kinks out of my timer
  5. Nice plants crazyheaD!!
  6. yes, this is my first grow, WHITE RHINO seeds ;]
  7. looks like you could probably flower it now. I'd wait a little while longer though.
  8. i`ll go for flowering after 1 or 1,5 week ;]
  9. nice plants... :hello:

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